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Natural Grace Chiropractic Centre

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Natural Grace is a projection of Laura's personal ideals and her desire to help people to heal themselves.

Contact NameLaura Edman
Address179A Ponsonby Road
North Island
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About Dr. Laura Edman In a story many can relate to, Laura found working for a large corporation in her early years challenging, but not completely fulfulling. Driven by her strong desire to help people personally combined with her interest in healthcare, Laura re-designed her life and her career studying Chiropractic full time combined with the study of Craniosacral Therapy. She added Neuromuscular Therapy to her studies with an interest in the function of the musculature of the body and the effect on the spinal system. Laura established the Natural Grace Chiropractic Centre in 2003 and began to pursue one of the most pivotal technologies in alternative healthcare today, the Neurological Integration System (NIS) as developed by Neurolink®. The NIS system represents a fundamental shift in the way healthcare practitioners perceive and resolve physical conditions. Laura's passion for her work continues to grow and she enjoys keeping up to date on the latest treatment developments including chiropractic adjusting, extremity adjusting, craniosacral therapy, health and lifestyle coaching, nutrition, and advanced level training in the NIS system. If you are interested in how Dr. Edman can help you, please contact us to discuss.
Services offered at Natural Grace Chiropractic Do these statements apply to your current level of health?
  • Have you been experiencing neck pain, back pain, headaches, or tiredeness?
  • Does your body feel tight, stiff, and sore?
  • Are your movements less at ease than you'd like them to be?
  • Do you feel less vibrant than you'd like, and does glowing good health seem like a distant dream?
  • With the array of services offered at Natural Grace Chiropractic Centre discover for yourself how you can achieve optimal spinal health and wellness, and increase your overall health and wellbeing.
All services offered at Natural Grace Chiropractic Centre are gentle and specific and offer you a unique approach to correcting the imbalance in the motion and function of your spine, cranium (skull bones) and extremity joints (arms and legs) to enhance the natural grace and ease of motion of your body. The combination of services is tailored to meet your unique spinal and healthcare needs. Your involvement in actively caring for your spine is a key principle at Natural Grace Chiropractic Centre. A healthy spine is a partnership effort and the more educated you are about spinal health, and the more you take part in your healing process the more benefits you will receive. It's exciting to realise the inherent healing capabilities of your body. That power is within you - tap into it now!
Testimonials Laura has touched many people's hearts over the years: Although I am 72 I am still able to continue to lead a very active lifestyle thanks to Laura. For 10 years I have been receiving chiropractic treatment for various problems in my back and neck. Laura has also been able to help me with my knees – allowing me to continue with my walking. Recently, after a heart attack, Laura was able to help me to return to full health more quickly using Neurological Integration System (NIS) – a treatment which helps the whole body to function more efficiently. Jackie, Auckland
Three years ago I was struck with a severe attack of sciatica. A friend recommended I see Dr. Laura Edman for treatment. So began my journey to recovery. I find Laura to be a very kind and caring practitioner. I have no hesitation in recommending Laura after the success I have experienced. Ivy Auckland
Thinking myself something of an amateur mechanic, I badly damaged my back muscles awkwardly leaning over my car's engine bay for hours at a time. I could barely walk and needed help! Dr. Edman applied her healing hands to the problem (with NO cracking or crunching) and best of all taught me how to look after my posture to avoid back strain in future. I found her very professional and pleasant and it was obvious to me that she really cares about her patients. Cameron Auckland
I was impressed with Laura's Neurological Integration System (NIS) treatment and was amazed with the changes Laura can make in the way I'm feeling just with a gentle touch. Laura is a skilled practitioner with a warm and understanding personality and I've been visiting Natural Grace off-and-on for many years. Lydia Auckland
I have been going to Laura for over 2 years now, originally because I had a problem with tendons and ligaments in my knee and was told by a specialist that I had to have an operation. I did not want that and a friend recommanded Laura. Within a short time I noticed a difference and was able to walk without my knee locking. Laura has also worked on other issues and I have been very impressed by her manner, patience and her experience. As far as I am concerned she can do anything. I believe in keeping my joints healthy and I carry on with Laura once a month or every 6 weeks as it is good maintenance even if I dont have any issues. I have recommanded Laura to friends and collegues and they have all being equally impressed. I would recommend Laura without hesitation as she is a miracle worker as far as I am concerned. Joelle Auckland
I recently managed to get through the Taupo 70.3 Iron Man okay (the event was cut down from the full Iron Man because of the weather bomb). I arrived at Laura's office four weeks out from race day still unable to run even ten meters and I must admit also to being a massive sceptic having been through several physios and Osteopaths in the previous six months without showing any improvement in my hamstring at all. Six very painless sessions later and I managed to get through the full run distance without stopping and with no pain (in my hamstring anyway – heaps everywhere else). Most definitely would not have made it through the run section without Laura's help. Many thanks for all of Laura's help. You now have a convert. Peter Auckland
When I first started seeing Laura I had all but given up hope. From a knock to the head in a netball game I developed symptoms including acute pain in my left jaw, neck and shoulder, headaches, earaches, ringing in my ear, dizziness, insomnia and not surprisingly depression. It had gotten so bad that some days I would wake up and not know if I could stand up as my balance became affected, in fact it had impacted my work, relationship and whole life. For over a year I had seen many specialists and finally they gave me the diagnosis of TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder) and I was placed on medication to relax my jaw muscles, given jaw exercises to do and told that this was something I would probably just have to live with for the rest of my life. Meeting Laura was the turning point for me. With the belief that the patient knows their body best Laura listened to me (something I found specialists struggled to do) before researching my condition. For over a year I visited Laura twice a week and through a process of different treatments including chiropractic adjustments, cranio-sacral work and Neurological Integration System (NIS), my pain scale went from a crippling 10 to a manageable 5. Within six months the earaches and ringing in my ear had stopped, I was able to get back to doing light exercise and my partner and colleagues all commented what a difference it had made. I continue to maintain my treatments with Laura once every few weeks. I’ve made peace with the fact that I will never get back to “normal” but life is so much better now and I am really positive about the future. I couldn’t imagine how things would be if I had not had the good fortune to meet Laura and wholeheartedly recommend her as a health and wellbeing practitioner. Channon Auckland
For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment send Dr. Edman an email, or book online through the website at

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