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We are the only South Island Beauty, Health and Detox Spa with two colonic rooms, infrared sauna, beauty treatments and massage therapy all in one convenient location.

Address128 Wilsons Road
South Island 8022
Phone03 337 9702
Mobile027 511 7059
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Welcome to Aqualive Natural Beauty, Health and Detox Spa At Aqualive we pride ourselves in giving our clients quality service in a warm, calming and truly unique spa-like atmosphere. Our Facilities
  • Two colon hydrotherapy treatment rooms equipped with regular toilets and basins where clients can expect maximum privacy in a beautiful, quiet and tranquil environment.
  • Infrared Sauna room equipped with shower – toiletries and towels provided.
  • Beauty therapy room to restore the body and improve overall health.
The safety and comfort of our clients are of vital importance. We maintain the highest standards of hygiene throughout our premises and only use sterile disposable supplies.
Beauty Therapy We offer soothing organic beauty therapy treatments to restore the body improve overall health and create beauty from within. Waxing/Sugaring Sugaring is one of the oldest methods of hair removal and was developed by the ancient Egyptians. The gel contains natural skin enhancers of Aloe Vera and Kiwi fruit to leave the skin soft, smooth and nourished. The gel contains New Zealand Manuka Honey-rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and famous for its anti-bacterial properties to heal and protect sensitive skin. The captivating fragrance of the Manuka honey adds a new luxurious dimension to the hair removal experience. The pain associated with waxing results from the fact that it adheres to the skin and hair and the skin is pulled when the waxing strip is lifted off. Skin is further irritated by harsh cleansers. Facials Our facials are personalised to your skin needs based on a professional analysis. All treatments begin with the ritual which helps to calm and ground our clients; purify the air and clear negative energy.Machine-driven age-defying facials can be effective, but these treatments prove the power of the human touch and organic products. Nahaia Facials New Zealand made NAHAIA Anti – Aging & Organic Skin Care is more than just a natural organic skin care range. It’s ACTIVE which means not only can you rest assured you are not rubbing chemicals and artificial toxins into your skin but Nahaia Active Organics will get you amazing anti-aging results. All Nahaia active organics products incorporate concentrated botanical extracts, nutrients, whole foods and essential oils to deliver real anti-aging results. Clinical trials verify the skin care’s efficacy in skin repair, increased hydration, wrinkle reduction, DNA protection and immune activation. Colloidal gold is incorporated into most products in the range. Gold is a regenerative anti-aging ingredient. Nahaia Active Organic skin care products have been specifically formulated with an extensively long shelf-life of three to four years after opening. Vital Radiance Gold Facial Enhance your skin with our luxury redefining gold mask. Redefine tired, dull skin with the ultimate in skin rejuvenation. 24 carat gold is easily absorbed by the skin, increasing circulation and encouraging cell growth and ultimately, reducing fine lines and preventing aging. Lash and Brow Enhance your eyes with a Lash or Brow tint. At Aqualive we use the finest and most gentle products for your tinting services. Our product is fruit extract base and infused with aloe vera which is or chemical dyes and does not contain coal or tar. Originated from Spain, this product is aloe vera based, has the lowest index of eye irritability and last for 3 – 4 weeks. These products have met all the safety requirements of the Canadian government. Body Treatments Our spa products are hand blended just before the client’s arrival in order to maintain their potency and effectiveness and have been developed for their healing, nourishing, anti-ageing and restorative properties. Only the highest grade certified organic, wild crafted organic and natural ingredients are used in the processes. By adopting these processes, our products are fit to nourish and replenish the skin. To evoke the senses we use the purest therapeutic grade essential oils to fragrance the products and to uplift and fortify.
Colon Health Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle method of internally cleansing your colon of poisons, gas and accumulated waste matter without the use of drugs or chemicals. Modern, Safe and Hygienic With its modern, safe, hygienic and very comfortable design, colonic irrigation LIBBE open-system is considered as the “Rolls-Royce” of colon hydrotherapy. The specially designed bed allows you to easily insert the lubricated rectal tube by yourself. Your personal hygiene and privacy are maintained at all times. The LIBBE colonic irrigation open system is comfortable, painless and entirely odourless. The continuous inflow of water during the treatment provides natural, gentle and subsequent releases. The primary goals of colon hydrotherapy are:
  • Empty the bowel completely to drain lymph system
  • Remove mucous plaque from the inner intestinal lining and relieve intestinal stress.
  • Allow the liver to flush and release.
  • Stimulate reflex points, massage the colon muscle.
Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy Experience has shown that colon hydrotherapy can also provide some of the following benefits:
  • A general sense of wellbeing and rejuvenation
  • Improved bowel function
  • Regained muscle tone in the colon
  • Improved digestion / metabolism
  • Elimination of parasites
  • Smaller and softer abdomen
  • Improved absorption of nutrients
  • Relieve from allergies
  • Skin clearing and tightening
  • Relief from headaches
  • Improved mental alertness
  • Increased energy
  • Prevention of cancer and other diseases

Infrared Sauna – The Detox Box Far Infrared Sauna burns calories, enhances circulation and oxygenates the tissues at half the temperature of a normal sauna. Energize your body and relax your mind! If you have used conventional saunas and found it hard to tolerate high temperatures involved you should come in and experience infrared technology to obtain all the benefits at the much lower temperatures. You sweat the same amount in 30 minutes Far Infrared Sauna as you do from a 10km run. Benefits of Sauna
  • Safely detoxify the body of accumulated toxins and heavy metals such as mercury and lead
  • Enhances circulation and oxygenates the tissues
  • Perspiration deep cleans the skin, creating beautiful and improved tone, texture and colour
  • Raising the body temperature helps heal infections
  • Opens the nasal passages and assists the sinuses to drain
  • Clear cellulite, improve skin tone, burns calories and controls weight
  • Reduces stress, fatigue and improves the immune system
  • Helps reduce high blood pressure
  • Eases joint pain and stiffness
Massage Therapy Research has shown massage improves circulation, energy levels, reduces stress and relieves muscle tightness and pain. Benefits Modern research shows massage affects three different body systems beneficially:
  • The musculoskeletal system – by physically stretching overly tight structures. This allows us to move more freely and easily and eliminates pain in joints and muscles.
  • The blood and lymph circulation – this speeds up the elimination of unwanted substances from the blood stream and improves immune function.
  • The nervous system – massage helps to calm the nervous system and produces that “feel good factor”.
Drinking plenty of water during this time will aid the toxins to flush from your body and speed up the healing process. Remedial Massage Remedial massage holistically treats the whole body and traces the discomfort back to the original cause, healing both the cause and the symptoms When muscles and tendons become damaged or impaired, knotted and tense or immobile, remedial massage provides a healing treatment that can be gentle or strong, deep or shallow. Key benefits of Remedial Massage include:
  • the stimulation to the blood supply allowing toxins in the muscles to be removed
  • the calming of the peripheral nervous system to ease pain and discomfort
  • toning and relaxing of muscles to improve joint mobility
  • an improvement to the health of the cells, the repairing of tissues, and the easing of stiffness and tension
Aromatherapy Massage This superb stress relieving treatment will soothe the mind, body and spirit. Aromatherapy massage is massage using concentrated plant oils, often known as essential oils added to the massage oil. It is relaxing and restores balance. Much needed rejuvenating massage to stimulate the senses. This treatment is designed to combine the benefits of aromatherapy with massage, and to lift your spirits with pure essential oils. Benefits
  • stimulates blood supply to remove toxins
  • calms the nervous system to ease pain and discomfort
  • toning and relaxing of muscles to improve joint mobility
  • improvement to the health of the cells
  • repairing of tissues and the easing of stiffness and tension
Hot Stone Massage Our stone massage treatment uses smooth, heated basalt stones which are massaged over the body as the therapeutic heat slowly radiates into the body The hot stones have a sedative effect and helps relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote a deep relaxation. Hot stone massage helps ease muscle stiffness, increase circulation, metabolism and induces a state of calm relaxation. Hot Stones also expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body. Benefits
  • Provides relief from pain associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, and more
  • Expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body
  • Decrease pain and muscle spasms
  • Reduces chronic stress and tension
  • Increase flexibility in joints
  • Relieves pain and tension created by strained muscles
  • Helps decrease insomnia
  • Has a ‘feel-good’ factor and give you a sense of overall good wellbeing.
Our treatments are comprised of only the highest quality natural organic products. Contact us today for more information.

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