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Pain Relief Clinic

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Natural Therapist, Naturopath, Scenar Therapist, Back and Neck Pain, Foot Joint Mobility.

Years of Practise in Wellington & Wairarapa, and now in Foxton on Fridays. appts call 0272861501

Contact NameGeoff Pitt
10th Floor 38 Waring Taylor Street
North Island 6140
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Please ring for your appointment. Geoff has now moved to the TENTH floor, same address, just moved up in the world. Wellington ph 04-4712229 - appointments MON/ WED Featherston ph 06-3088860 - appointments TUE/ THUR Foxton call 027-286-1501 -FRIDAYS in FOXTON . ***HAIR TISSUE MINERAL ANALYSIS*** Check out your nutritional profile for toxic heavy metals, and discover what sort of metabolism you have, and what sort of food to feed your body constitution. ***FOOT JOINT ADJUSTMENTS*** Have your joints in your hands and feet gently mobilised to increase mobility and circulation. Neck pain is our job, Back pain is our business Why suffer from Neck pain, or back pain, when solutions are to hand. A pain in the back, can literally put your business on the back foot. A pain in the neck can have roll on effect for the rest of your life. We can help you unlock your success, with treatments that will keep help maintain a healthy body. Do you need life style tuning, relief from pain, cleansing (detoxifying), personal mentor coaching? Can you imagine a back free of pain?. You accept that overseas job offer. And you only have to visit Geoff Pitt, for a tune up, when you come back to New Zealand to visit your mother. What is it worth to you to relieve yourself of pain, and lack of function? Instead of stepping down, you are able to step up? The potential earning capacity over a lifetime is some $2,400,000. Simply by maintaining good health this figure can be doubled. Maintaining good health is beyond compare Health is a programme of change. Your first appointment will be with Geoff Pitt, your primary holistic health care practitioner. His years of experience will help you select the best therapy for your body, and help you achieve the outcomes you are looking for. Our Services Naturopath, -deep tissue cleansing for maximising toxicity drainage from the body, and ultimate nutritional absorption at cell level. Scenar Therapist, -energetic informational medicine, for all types of pain relief, plus improved function and mobility. Spinal Specialist, -joint mobilisation. Relaxing muscles so joints can function normally. Foot Joint Mobility, Advanced Level - including hand joints- REALLY GOOD IF YOU SUFFER FROM COLD HANDS AND FEET, POOR CIRCULATION!! Iridologist, -no x-rays needed for routine treatments. Other Services now available. HTMA - Hair tissue mineral analysis- track down your heavy metal toxicity. back to top


GEOFF PITT, N.D. Scenar Level III N.D. ( Anglo American Institute of Drugless Therapies) (Registered NZ Health Charter)

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Ear Candling, Energy Healing, Herbalists, Iridologists, Naturopaths, Sports Injury Therapy

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