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My name is Robyn Vintiner. As a Personal Growth Coach I can help you improve your self esteem by discovering the blocks to achieving your dreams. I have techniques that help you move past these blocks to live from your own strengths & enable you to live the best life you can, whatever your age.

Contact NameRobyn Viintiner
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Phone03 456 2246
Mobile021 281 6438
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Welcome to Rejuvenate

“If we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” Wayne Dyer

Are you stressed by work or financial situations, in your relationships, about your health or your balance upset in some way? Does this cause you to forget things & struggle to concentrate? Are you moody & irritable, feeling overwhelmed or low in energy? Are you aware of your heart beating faster than it should, digestive upsets, have frequent colds or loss of sex drive? Are you eating more or less than usual, sleeping patterns disrupted, procrastinating or using alcohol, cigarettes or drugs to relax? Stress can cause any one of this list of changes. You may have been to see the doctor about anxiety or depression & tests have not revealed a medical problem so what do you do now.

I can help you learn to cope & unearth the confident, life loving, successful person you can be, with values about what you have to offer. I will help you learn how to rely on & believe in your unlimited potential & power. We all have an innate knowing that we have something to offer the world. Let me help you develop that & forge forward when the 'old you' would rather give up & turn back when the stresses get too much.


Robyn is a successful coach, trained physiotherapist and acupuncturist with a passion for helping people improve their physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

With advances in medicine, we are living healthy lives for longer and I am committed to the concept of 'Youth at any Age'. I am keenly aware of the challenges & circumstances that cause the 50+ year olds to stop striving for their goals. I am confident that if young people are exposed to this material they will live more fulfilled lives, support good health & break that cycle of living the way our ancestors decreed.

I had a period when stress, fear, anxiety & general depression were in control of my life. Through my trainings in both Bob Proctor & Mary Morrissey's organizations, I became certified to train as a Life Success & Life Mastery consultant. From their teaching I started the process of learning, that we can make changes simply by making the choice to do so, whatever our age. I also recognize that the spiritual aspects of our personalities can be neglected in this busy world so I am committed to helping people find the connection to their Inner Self & become more aware of that authentic person we know ourselves to be.

I have also completed a Holistic Life Coaching Diploma with Life Coach Associates. This was a wonderful course where participants had to go through all the techniques themselves before learning how to help clients. So I won't ask you to do anything I haven't had to do myself. This course gave me tools to use both for myself and anyone who chooses to come for some coaching with me.

One of the things I have learnt along the way is that our belief system is the driver behind everything we do. This can explain why we sabotage our progress whether at work, in relationships or achieving our goals in any area of our lives. This is not an excuse to blame our genes. It is a chance to make changes in our thoughts, feelings and actions & to listen to that small voice that gives us guidance as we go through life. This is something that has become awakened in me once I let go of the resistance & listened. I have a variety of tools to help you shift the energy that is blocking your path to the success you want.

So if you want to dig deeper than the superficial goals to be achieved & find out what is blocking your path, contact me to start making your own steps down a new path, as I am doing. This life we are on is a journey & it's never over, until life is over. Let's enjoy as many experiences as we can!

My Mission Statement is:

To help as many people as I can during my lifetime, in a way that significantly improves their lives. To this end I use my skills with acupuncture, coaching, seminars and workshops to present life's possibilities & expand awareness wherever I am needed.


Working with organisations
Working with Individuals

Call - 021 281 6438

Life Success & Life Mastery consultant.
Life Coaching diploma from Life coach Associates
Physio reg. acupuncturist incl. cosmetic acupuncture
EFT practitioner
PSYCH-K practitioner

Service Categories
Acupuncture, Beauty Therapy, EFT, Life Coaching, Meditation, Womens Health

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