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Vibrant Health Centre

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Working with you to create vibrant health and wellbeing"

Contact NameHelen Donnison
Address96 Cambridge Road
North Island 3216
Phone07 856 6991
Mobile027 656 6991
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Create vibrant health starting today!

Hi and welcome to the Vibrant Health Centre with Helen Donnison, a qualified and registered medical herbalist, natural therapist and holistic health coach.

Do you feel disheartened by the medical system’s approach to solving your health problems? Are you willing to look at an alternative solution?

If you are interested in a natural and effective approach to your health problems, even if they seem complex or tricky, management of stress, depression, or anxiety; sports naturopathy and nutrition; weight management; anti-aging, or simply being as fit and healthy as you can be, we can work together to find solutions for your long-term health and wellbeing.

We can offer you:

Here at the Vibrant Health Centre we integrate the best of natural health and healing using an holistic scientific and spiritual approach to create long term vibrant health and wellbeing. We focus on using whole food nutrition, exercise and herbal medicines to improve metabolism and the function of bodily processes; holistic health coaching to help you to identify and work through areas of stress, challenges and unhelpful beliefs to enable you to reach your health goals; and massage, reflexology and Reiki as hands-on healing therapies to help your body to relax and assimilate the changes taking place.

About Us
Helen Donnison and the Vibrant Health Centre

Helen Donnison is the founder of the Vibrant Health Centre. A leader in natural health from both a scientific and spiritual perspective, Helen understands how to work with rather than fight against nature in creating vibrant health and wellbeing. She shines with radiant health, a true example of living her talk. Spending five years at university gaining a Masters Degree in Science majoring in Biology, followed by another 6 years in science research working on varying aspects of genetics, physiology and embryology left Helen feeling despondent that the work she was doing would make no difference in the ‘real’ world so she chose to leave science research and focus on raising her children. After having her third child, Helen began soul searching to find ‘what am I going to do with the rest of my life?’ She began studying herbal medicine which she describes as ‘awakening an ancient memory’ as it seemed so easy and natural for her. Helen worked in a herbal dispensary and taught various aspects of herbal medicine from botany, manufacturing medicines and natural skin care products, anatomy and physiology, nutrition and herbal therapeutics over 7 years during and for several years after completing her training. In 2003 Helen graduated with a Diploma in Herbal Medicine and set up her first clinical practice from home but her learning didn’t stop there. She went on to complete a Diploma in Natural Therapies including massage, reflexology and energy healing; Touch for Health (basic kinesiology); Reiki; the Journey; Vitality, Longevity and Anti-aging; fitness instruction, and is currently learning to incorporate Being in Colour toolkit into her practice.Helen is passionate about learning from the masters, and has sought out the best she could find to study with – medical herbalists Isla burgess, Kerry Bone, Susun Weed and Simon Mills; nutritionists Henry Osiecki and Sally Fallon; spiritual healers and teachers Brandon Bays, Pip Oxlade and Margaret de Mousgraffe to name a few.Helen continues to read extensively and regularly attends workshops because she is passionate about nutrition, natural health and healing, mind/body healing, spiritual development and health and fitness. She spends her spare time with friends and family, creating a sustainable lifestyle, developing an organic permaculture garden, exploring the great outdoors, and being physically fit and active.Today, Helen runs the Vibrant Health Centre from her home in Hillcrest Hamilton, to share her knowledge, wisdom and skills with her clients. She is a registered medical herbalist, nutritionist, holistic health coach, fitness instructor, massage therapist, Reiki practitioner and intuitive healer, blending scientific knowledge with intuition to find the best solutions for her clients’ health and wellbeing.

Working with all health conditions including ‘tricky problems’ that the medical system has no answers for, her areas of specialty include treatment of stress, anxiety and depression; sports naturopathy and nutrition; weight management and anti-aging. Her overall aims are to help clients create long term vibrant health and wellbeing, empowerment and self realisation - creating the health and the life they truly desire.

Helen says “My highest vision is to assist in the creation of ‘heaven on Earth’, to be part of a society of consciously aware, happy, vibrantly healthy and physically fit people working together in harmony with each other and with nature”.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2009. I, immediately sought advice from a range of medical practitioners, of how I could contribute towards my recovery from this frightening disease. My surgeon, my oncologist, my breast nurse, my lymphatic specialist and Helen Donnison, my medical herbalist and holistic health coach, helped me to overcome this disease. Helen had been recommended to me by a friend who had overcome the same disease. I have seen Helen on a number of occasions. She is very knowledgeable in journey work, guiding the client through a process, which helps to remove the bad influence of unresolved issues. Helen is also very knowledgeable in herbal supplements and dietary advice, which help your body to return to good health. She listens very carefully, to all you tell her and tailors her advice to your special requirements. Helen, herself exudes health and well being; she practises, what she ‘preaches’. I recommend her to anyone, who wants to actively overcome illness or just maintain health and well being.”
Sue Whale

" Helen, your kindness and directness keeping the focus on the issues was comforting, not scary. I know my journey is just starting. I was surprised how fast things can change and love being able to kiss again without feeling suffocated. I am now looking forward to life's gifts, which you are one of."
Susan M

“Helen has helped me undertake an amazing journey of self discovery. During this journey I have learnt more and more about myself as Helen has helped me peel away the layers to allow me to really see myself clearly for the first time. Helen has patiently but firmly guided me through this process of self discovery and by not allowing me to dodge the hard questions has made me at last be honest with myself. All throughout this very personal journey Helen has been with me every step of the way, not only given me the courage to undertake this journey, but quietly encouraging and supporting me and giving me incredibly insightful feedback to really help me understand myself and others. Perhaps Helens most enduring gift to me during our journey together has been the personal tool kit she has empowered me with which I believe will allow me to deal with what ever life has to throw at me in the future.

I feel very fortunate to have had Helen on my side during this very personal journey and cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone who also needs to undertake their own journey of personal self discovery.”
Dave M

"I have been a cyclist representing New Zealand for the last eight years, but have felt the effects of fatigue since I got glandular fever four years ago. After learning about good food and rest, and a different lifestyle, I still found I had some fatigue issues. My emotional and coping ability was not the same and health issues kept arising.
I began to wonder if it was emotional stress from the past which was holding me back and exhausting me and I decided to do something about it. There had been some distressing events in my life that I needed to work through. I tried a psychotherapist and psychologist to help me, but neither worked for me. When I was told about holistic health coaching (The Journey) I liked the idea straight away.

I have only had 2 sessions of health coaching with Helen Donnison but already I am seeing changes in my behaviour and life patterns. Day to day life does not feel so exhausting and I feel more relaxed in the things I do. The sessions were very simple, easy to attend and relaxing. I continue to improve in health and wellbeing everyday, in so many ways.”

  • Registered Medical Herbalist & Naturopath, DipHerbMed, DipNT, MNZAMH
  • Holistic Health Coach & Therapist
  • Master of Science (Biology)

Service Categories
Energy Healing, Herbalists, Life Coaching, Naturopaths, Nutrition, Reflexology, Reiki, Weight Loss, Womens Health

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