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Vibrant Health Centre

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Medical herbalist, specialising in women's health, metabolism and weight loss.

Contact NameHelen Donnison
Address96 Cambridge Road
North Island 3216
Phone07 856 6991
Mobile027 656 6991
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The Vibrant Health Centre is a natural health clinic and herbal dispensary operated by Helen Donnison, a registered medical herbalist and naturopath with 13 years clinical and teaching experience. She aims to educate and empower you to create vibrant health through improved nutrition and better lifestyle practices, and uses herbal medicines to support your body to heal naturally.

She offers:
  • Natural health consultations for health or medical problems (even complex or tricky ones)
  • Nutritional advice
  • Weight loss coaching
  • Assistance with stress or stress related problems
  • Help with hormonal issues such as PMS, PCOS, fertility or menopause symptoms
  • Massage and Reiki

Consultations and Services

Natural Health Consultations

Helen has been in practice as a registered medical herbalist and naturopath since 2002. During this time she has helped many people overcome illness and make significant improvements to their health and wellbeing. She has an in-depth understanding of cellular, metabolic and hormonal health, and how to use nutrition and herbs to improve physical health and wellbeing. She is also skilled in working with mental and emotional aspects of health and wellbeing to provide an holistic approach to healing.

Consultations and coaching sessions are available by appointment, either at the clinic or by phone or Skype. Please phone or text 027 656 6991, or email to arrange a time that suits you. When you come for your appointment, please bring along any recent medical tests, medication you’ve been prescribed or supplements you’re taking.

Weight Loss Consultations and Coaching

Weight loss involves a lot more than calories in and calories out. Helen offers an holistic approach to weight loss that not only educates you in wholesome nutrition and lifestyle habits, but helps you to change your mindset and behavioural patterns to enhance your success. Helen helps you feel better about yourself, helps you work out meal plans using foods you enjoy, and helps to inspire you to be more active in your daily life. The Vibrant Health approach to weight loss is not a diet, it’s a positive and healthy lifestyle. Phone 027 656 6991 or email Helen to discuss your situation and needs.

DNA Analysis

DNA analysis is the new age in natural medicine. Through knowing your genetics, we can help you optimise your health and wellbeing by providing very specific advice about how to modify your diet, adjust your lifestyle, and take the most well-suited supplements based on your DNA profile.

We use the Smart DNA system, where 90 different genes or SNPs are analysed through a saliva sample. As an accredited Smart DNA practitioner, I interpret the report that comes back, and help you to understand your genetics, and maximise your health outcomes based on our current understanding of nutrigenomics. As a herbalist and health coach, I will help you make this information practical so you can work with it to be as healthy as you can be.

The Journey

Are you looking for love, happiness or a sense of purpose in life? Are you seeking inner peace or more control over your destiny? Or are you simply tired of being stressed out, anxious, angry, unhappy or hooked by the same issues over and over again?

The Journey is an amazing mind body therapy, which helps to resolve blocks to healing on a deep emotional level so you can experience true clarity and deep inner peace, love and joy. It works very deeply but at the same time is a very simple process to undergo. Helen has been working with the Journey for 10 years, having completed the practitioner programme in 2005-2006, and continues to work with the process both personally and professionally.


A massage appointment includes:
  • A gentle and soothing massage, working through knots and areas of tension or tightness
  • Includes feet and head massage
  • Quality aromatherapy oils used
  • Background music designed to help you relax

A bit about me…

From as young as I can remember I loved being out in nature, observing flowers, watching bugs and being out in the garden with my Dad. As a child I wanted to be a nurse or a nutritionist – something to do with health (my Mum was a nurse and Dad a doctor). And as a teenager I explored food and cooking with my Mum, and loved being out riding my bike, playing sport or hanging out with friends, and in my late teens I went to university and studied science.
Now as an adult I still love doing all these things – being out in nature, growing a garden, exploring food and cooking, being physically active, helping people with their health, using my science brain, and hanging out with like-minded friends.
Many people describe me as a ‘hippie’, but I would rather describe myself as a ‘greenie’ – Earth centred or grounded. I love to grow my own fruit and vegetables, have chickens in my garden, and treat the Earth with love and respect – even if I only have influence over my ¼ acre.

I used to feel ashamed and embarrassed about being a greenie, but when my friend Jo and I started teaching our ‘Living the Good Life’ workshops we discovered that we weren’t alone, there were many people who wanted to live the way we do. In fact rather than thinking that I’m weird because of how I live, I was excited to discover that there are many people who are inspired by my vegetable gardens, think it’s cool that I have chickens in town, and are impressed that I can conjure up amazing and healthy meals for a very low cost!

My love of the Earth, plants, animals and people forms the basis for everything I do and teach at the Vibrant Health Centre, from consultations or coaching sessions, through to our ‘Living the Good Life’ workshops and ‘Enlighten Me’ programmes. I love to share my holistic understanding of health and teach practical ways to be healthy and happy as naturally and sustainably as possible using my scientific knowledge, while keeping to my values – being kind to the Earth and it’s inhabitants.

Get in touch with me today!


  • Master of Science in Biology (physiology, genetics, cellular and molecular biology)
  • Diploma in Herbal Medicine
  • Diploma in Natural Therapies
  • Reg(NHC)NZ

Service Categories
Allergy Testing / Treatments, Herbalists, Life Coaching, Naturopaths, Nutrition, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Weight Loss, Womens Health

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