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Amanda J McBeth - Homeopath

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Menopause & Homeopathy

I understand how menopause affects your life mentally, physically
and emotionally. I work with women suffering from menopausal symptoms
to reduce and eliminate their symptoms using homeopathic remedies.

Contact NameAmanda McBeth
AddressNatural Therapies Centre
158 Shakespeare Street
North Island 3432
Phone07 823 5752
Mobile027 227 7595
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Menopause & Homeopathy

Menopause is experienced by 80% of all women, many who believe they must ‘put up with’ their symptoms because it is part of being a women. This is totally untrue and it is time women took ownership for them-selves and stepped outside the square to bring a hormonal balance back into their lives.

Broken sleep and extreme hot flushes are the two most common issues women wish to illuminate - as the combination leaves them exhausted and worn out at the start of every day. Irregular bleeding, PMT and emotional highs and lows are further down on the list, but these too add their toll not only to the woman herself but to everyone around her including her family and workmates.

Some women put up with their symptoms for years before seeking an answer. Others will purchase every product in the health shop to find they are still suffering. Others still will use HRT - to find when they stop the symptoms return.

If you are experiencing any menopausal symptoms please try Homeopathy. The process is easy. Homeopathy is natural, safe and effective. Make an appointment for a consultation.

About Amanda

Amanda is a qualified homeopath who loves working with women and their menopausal ‘issues’. After having hormonal ‘issues’ herself at the age of 32 she was told the only answer was a hysterectomy. Not agreeing with this she used homeopathy and has not had a return of her symptoms in 14 years.

Please join her on her Facebook page where she puts random posts about homeopathy and other natural stuff.

Amanda’s clinic is at the Natural Therapy Centre at 158 Shakespeare St in Leamington, Cambridge.
Please ring her on 07 8235752 to make your appointment.


Service Categories
Flower Essences, Homoeopaths, Mens Health, Natural Fertility Management, Sports Injury Therapy, Womens Health

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