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Cambridge Homeopathy

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Cambridge Homeopathy is a friendly, family orientated clinic found in the lovely Leamington in Cambridge.

Contact NameAmanda McBeth
AddressNatural Therapies Centre
158 Shakespeare Street
North Island 3432
Phone07 823 5752
Mobile027 227 7595
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Ever paused the TV during an advert for a drug?? There is seriously a looonnng list of side effects and things to watch out for. You don’t get that with homeopathy—it is all safe and effective—no side effects which means it is one of the few medicines that is ok for new born babies and pregnant mums-to-be.

Women with menopause ‘issues’

A great place to start is homeopathy. Self diagno-sis isn’t recommended as homeopathy is very individual—what your friend is taking doesn’t mean it is going to work for you! So if you haven’t already—take some magne-sium supplements and make an appointment for a homeopathic consultation as soon as.

First Aid

Homeopathy so needs to be added to every first aid kit in the country. If you have no other homeopathic remedies then please add some Arnica—it’s a great support for all sorts of trauma to soft jammed fingers, twisted ankles, fractured bones. Educate your-self and start supporting those little disasters naturally.

Consultations with Amanda….

So nothing scary happens—you just need to be able to talk about yourself. Allow a good hour for your first meeting as there is a lot of information gathering! At the end of the consultation I will take a moment to analyse all that has been told (this may take a day or a week) - and then prescribe an individualised homeopathic plan for yourself.

People have come to see me recently for:

Menopause, arthritis, acne, colds & flu, grief, bed wetting, bully victims, constipation.

Some people come just because they are ‘stuck’ and need a little help to move on or need help with decision making.

Interested? I am sure you are!
Give me a ring on 07 8235752 to make your appointment.


Service Categories
Children’s Health, Flower Essences, Herbalists, Homoeopaths, Mens Health, Natural Fertility Management, Sports Injury Therapy, Womens Health

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