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10 Calcium Rich Foods to Add to Your Diet


10 Calcium Rich Foods to Add to Your Diet

The truth still stands that milk is a great vehicle for bone-building calcium. However, there are other food sources that are high in calcium. This is good news for the lactose-averse among us. Some sources more surprising than others.

Calcium is essential for building and maintaining your bones. Almost 99% of the body’s calcium is found in the bones. Calcium combines with other minerals to form hard crystals that give your bones strength and structure.


One of the greatest plant sources of calcium is kale.  Being highly bioavailable, it contains 201 mg of calcium in two cups.

Connie M. Weaver, PhD, distinguished professor and department head of nutrition science at Purdue University says that not all greens deliver the goods due to their oxalic acid content which interferes with calcium absorption.  Plants like spinach and beet greens contain high amounts of oxalic acid, so even though they are high in calcium, they are in actual fact, a poor source of calcium.

Bok choy

Also known as Chinese cabbage, bok choy is another great source of plant calcium: Two contain about 148 mg of calcium. Dr. Weaver says "it's the one plant food we’ve studied that has especially high calcium absorption."


A cup of oil-roasted almonds has an enormous 457 mg of calcium, so is a great source of calcium.


One can of sardines with the bones will provide you with 888 mg of calcium that can be completely absorbed.


Tinned salmon with the bones, provides 882 mg of calcium.

Sesame seeds

These tiny seeds are a great source of calcium with just one tablespoon of sesame seeds delivering 88 mg of calcium.


1-2 servings of calcium-set tofu is a bone-friendly choice.

Orange juice

Match your milk with a glass of calcium-fortified orange juice.  Read the labels as some juices are more fortified with calcium than others.


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