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Sports Injury Therapy

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Sports injury therapy is a type of therapy that treats muscle, joint, ligament or tendon injuries. It utilises stretching, strengthening and mobilising the affected area as part of its treatment process. Sports injury therapy is not only available to athletes or professional sportspeople but can also be used for people that suffer injuries or trauma in their everyday lives, whether this trauma is through exercise or simple accidents. The therapy aims to first relieve pain and then to restore function to the injured area of the body and optimal function to the body as a whole.

Sports Injury Therapists

Sports injury therapists perform the following functions:

  • treatment and rehabilitation of injuries
  • increase fitness and mobility
  • injury preventionimprove athletic performance
  • draw up treatment plans appropriate to the client
  • use therapeutic modalities such as ice packs, heat packs, TENS machines, bandages and massage in the treatment of injuries

Sports injury professionals such as sports naturopaths can prescribe medicines and supplements that are of benefit to the patient in order to complement the treatment program and to improve recovery. Professionals may work in private practice, as part of a sporting team or club, sports medicine clinics or fitness centres such as gyms.

Conditions Treated

Professionals can treat a wide range of injuries from strains and sprains to more severe injuries such as muscle tears and torn or snapped ligaments or tendons. Basically, if you have injured yourself during exercise or injured one of the soft tissue areas of your body, a sports injury therapist is able to help you.

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