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Natural Treatments for Sore Muscles


After a tough workout or heavy lifting, your muscles are sure to be sore. But before popping a pill, you might like to try these natural remedies for aching muscles:

1. Drink cherry juice

Cherry juice has become the new go-to for bodybuilders looking to rest their aching muscles. A recent study found that the high antioxidant content of cherry juice (specifically anthocyanins) lower inflammation to provide pain relief.

2. Max your magnesium

Magnesium is responsible for relaxing our muscles, while calcium contracts them. So too little  magnesium and too  much calcium can cause ongoing muscle stiffness and soreness. Get your mineral levels checks, then shop around for a quality magnesium supplement. Or buy magnesium-packed Epsom salts and soak your sore muscles.

3. Chomp on creatine

Studies have found that creatine can ease muscle fatigue and pain, even after the toughest training sessions. The amino acid transports energy to the body’s cells, so more of it can be sent to build and restore mucles.

4. Have a brew

Love your coffee? Now you have even more reason to caffeine up, since science shows having coffee before working out can lower muscle soreness and fatigue by almost 50 percent. Coffee can also help you go the distance during your workout – so you get even greater results.

5. Nice and iced

You might not want to have an ice cold bath after a workout, but experts say it’s way better than a hot shower for helping with muscle relief, as well as preventing damage and fatigue.

6. Roll around

Seen those squishy log-looking things at the gym and wondering what they do? They’re foam rollers, and they could just be the best thing to relieve sore and tired muscles. As a form of myofascial release, the rollers put pressure on muscles to provide fast relief.

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