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Theta Healing

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Theta healing was developed by Vianna Stibal and it is a fast, effective technique that is powerful and loving, and taps into a level of being that is beyond time and space. It helps you to quickly and safely change the way that you think and feel. Read on to learn more about theta healing.

What is Theta Healing?

Theta healing looks for the causes of blockages to a person’s natural functioning, such as their belief systems, genetic defects, repressed emotions, fears, and traumas. These blockages limit the flow of infinite spiritual energy. People often think that the path in front of them is too difficult and, when they start to achieve what they want, obstacles will arise that often seem insurmountable. Theta healing allows a person to identify those obstacles or blocks, and connect to the highest source in order to release the subconscious core beliefs and blocks on all four levels – core, genetic, past life, and soul.

By working with a theta practitioner, it is possible to clarify, energise, and focus on your goals and desires, and change programs that you feel are holding you back from achieving all that you are able to. Clearing beliefs and fears about lacking things or being unworthy of things leads to abundance manifesting itself in your life. However, you need to be ready and willing to let go of the things in your life that are no longer useful to you. You need to look forward to the future that you are creating, free from any past conditioning, and live as your highest true self, being fully present in each moment.

The theta healing technique is a powerful one and it rapidly takes both the practitioner and the client to the theta level of brainwave activity – a level where a very deep state of relaxation occurs. Theta healing takes its name from the theta brainwave, which vibrates at four to seven cycles per second. This is the same state that you are in at night when you are first dreaming, and also when you are in deep hypnosis or having a profound sense of oneness with nature. In this state, you have easy access to the contents of your subconscious and you are also more connected to the life energy of the universe.

A Theta Healing Session

You will need the assistance of a trained theta practitioner in order to obtain the full benefits from theta healing but a general idea of one of the most basic processes is outlined below:

Subconscious limiting beliefs are first identified through energetic testing. Muscle testing of the body is a common technique for this. You then meditate in a particular way in order to ground your energy. Thirdly, you or the practitioner will enter into a conscious theta brainwave and energetically travel to the source of the creative energy in the universe. Next, a change is commanded in the subconscious beliefs, feelings, knowledge, or health state of the client, being careful to use the appropriate positive phrasing. Finally, you actually see the transformation of the subconscious taking place.

There are no side effects to a theta healing session and the therapy does not cause a healing crisis. That is, symptoms or feelings should not get worse before they get better.

Conditions Helped by Theta Healing

Theta healing can be used to help with and support the healing of physical conditions including chronic, degenerative and DNA-related conditions, emotional distress, relationship patterns that keep on repeating themselves, low self-esteem, and patterns of self-sabotage. It can be used to change negative core beliefs. It can also be used to remove negative attached energies and entities from people, the land, houses, and living spaces.


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