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Part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupressure is frequently referred to as “Acupuncture without needles”. It is also one of the world’s most widespread and oldest healing methods. Deep finger pressure is applied at specific points to relieve tension, increase circulation and provide relief for many ailments.

Trigger points lie along the invisible system of energy channels in the body. These systems relate directly to the glands and organs where blockages in the flow of energy can be found. These blockages can cause discomfort and disease. Gentle application of pressure to these areas can help remove blockages, restoring health and harmony in one’s body.

Stress can be relieved with the healing touch of Acupressure which in turn can boost resistance to diseases. Blood circulation can also be improved, which helps cleanse the body of toxic waste.

A holistic approach is taken with Acupressure when treating a patient; encompassing mind, spirit, emotions and body all as one, not just as individual elements.

Treatments are performed by a practitioner on a soft massage table which the patient lies upon, fully clothed. It is a non-invasive treatment with the practitioner gently pressing on various, specific locations of the body. Generally, the sessions are an hour long and several follow-up treatments may be required to complete a treatment.

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