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Auricular Therapy


The body comes equipped with its own complex system for healing itself whenever it gets sick.  The immune system is a prime example of your body's defense mechanism against foreign antigens or micro-organisms that invade your body.  You sneeze or cough to expel a foreign substance from your throat or lungs.  You expel your stomach's toxic contents when you eat something that is spoiled.

There are other parts of the body, however, that require manual intervention through the use of reflexology in order to function better. The body's reflex systems are based on the principle that some external parts of the body such as the hand and feet are connected to certain organs and internal parts in what are known as microsystems.  A similar microsystem exists in the ear of a person and is the basis of an effective method called Auricular Therapy.

Auricular therapy is a traditional system of diagnosis and treatment that has been practiced by the Chinese for centuries.  Its earliest uses were for the improvement of vision among warriors and sailors and the management of sciatic pain in individuals.  Medical science eventually took notice of the method when others went so far as to cauterize the ears to treat pain in other parts of the body.

Today, clinical studies and actual observations can attest to the effectiveness of auricular therapy as an alternative to prescription drugs and medicine.  Auricular therapy is used both as a diagnostic method to determine sources of disorders as well as a treatment method by applying pressure on appropriate points of the ear that correspond to specific organs or systems of the body.

Uses of auricular therapy

Auricular therapy has shown an 85% success rate in the treatment of around 200 disorders and diseases.  It is particularly helpful if you:

•    suffer from musculoskeletal pain
•    are recovering from a bone fracture
•    are overweight and would like to lose weight without the use of medical pills or invasive surgery
•    are undergoing a substance or alcohol abuse program, where auricular therapy can improve mood levels, reduce cravings and contribute to overall wellness by stimulating the release of serotonin in the brain
•    are looking for alternative options for the diagnosis and treatment of a health problem.

How does auricular therapy work?

Auricular therapy involves the stimulation of specific points of the ear using the following methods:

Ear massage

This is similar to what is normally done during a full body massage but more time is spent massaging the ear.

Point massage

A special probe with a 1 to 2mm tip is used to locate appropriate points in the ear and used to massage those points.

Acupressure pellets

Acupressure pellets are used to maintain continuous pressure on a reflex point to achieve effective and lasting results.  These pellets may be held in place by tape and are often removed after 3 to 5 days.

More than just massage therapy

Auricular therapy differs from massage therapy in many ways:

  • Auricular therapy can be learned easily from a basic course, a good reference book, a model and a chart
  • The methods of auricular therapy offer a wide range of therapeutic results to patients aside from relaxing the mind and body.
  • Because attention is placed upon the ear, auricular sessions are less physically demanding for both the patient and therapist
  • The ear is an accessible part of the body that does not require a patient to disrobe during therapy.

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