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3 to Do's Before Exercise

It’s important to take the right steps before exercise. Failing to take the proper steps before each training session can sabotage your results, or might lead to injury or long-term ailments.

#1 Fill up with Fuel.

Many people arrive at the gym without being ready for their workouts. It is important to eat prior to exercising. A pre-workout meal will give you much-needed energy and stamina. To boost strength, increase lean mass and burn fat a pre-workout meal of lean protein and slow-acting carbs such as brown rice, oatmeal or sweet potatoes will work wonders.
If you are in a rush and just need a quick fix, make yourself a quick banana smoothie with a scoop of when powder.
If your workout takes place just minutes after waking up, making even modest meal preparation impossible, try a workout shooter. Mix a scoop of whey protein with a glass of watered down orange juice to break your fast and provide the nutrients needed for your morning training.

#2: Use a Foam Roller 10-15 Minutes Before Training.

There’s a reason many pro athletes have deep tissue specialists work on them before games and practices. These treatments break up knots in tissue, improves muscle quality, and increases mobility.
In the  gym, you will have access to those long, foam tubes. After just 10 minutes on a foam roller you will feel more limber and be able to perform exercises more effectively.
If you find an especially tense area, hold the foam roller there until the tension dissipates.

#3: Do Dynamic Mobility Work 5-10 Minutes Before Training.

Recent research has shown that those who engaged in dynamic warm-ups produce greater long-term gains in mobility and flexibility, along with strength, than those who do static stretching or skip the warm-up altogether.
You can speak to the gym instructor for effective pre workout dynamic movements, but it is good to include before you train
  • Elbow-to-Instep stretch, which fires up the glutes, hamstrings, calves and ankles,
  • Scapular Wall Slide for your scapulae and shoulders, and a
  • Side-Lying Extension-Rotation for thoracic spine mobility.

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