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3 Ways to Build a Sustainable Meditation Practice


3 Ways to Build a Sustainable Meditation Practice

For a better meditation practice, it is important to establish a good practice routine. This does not have to be a struggle. The first step is to begin.

Choose an amount of time that you can realistically can commit to doing every day. It is this sort of routine that is going to build the practice. Taking this attitude can help motivate you and provide you with the inspiration needed to make a habit of a routinely practice.

Here are three key elements to building a sustainable meditation practice:

Begin with a manageable amount of time: Rather than diving in head first, think about what is realistic for you and what is a reasonable amount of time you can sit with confidence.  This will help set you up for success, ensuring that you will have ample opportunity to meet your goal, instead of giving up halfway through and walking away despondent and discouraged.  When you feel comfortable with the length of time you have chosen, you can slowly add a few more minutes day by day. Pretty soon you’ll surprise yourself by what you can do.

Establish habits around your practice: To help you have long term success, it important to aim for having a time and place where you can comfortably practice every day. It is important to remember that life happens, and in this case, you might need to be flexible about the time and space in which you practice.  Don’t be discouraged if you have to shift your practice to another time or place. The important thing is that you practice every day. Mornings seem to work best for most people but find a time that works for you. Where you do it doesn’t matter, but finding a space where you will not be interrupted is the best. 

And lastly, mindfulness does not need a pillow or any special conditions, just a time and a space. 

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