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4 Easy Ways to Have a Healthy Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner! But how can you enjoy the time off – without completely blowing off your healthy eating and lifestyle?
We’ve got you covered. Unwrap these top tips to keep your Christmas a healthy, happy and safe one all-round:

Have a healthy, filling breakfast

The best intentions start with breakfast. Even if your day is packed with Christmas parties, a healthy breaky can set you straight. Fill up with a bowl of porridge, topped with nuts and berries, to stay satiated all morning. If you eat dairy, a dollop of Greek yoghurt is an additional source of protein.

Plan early

The sooner you plan your Christmas feast, the better prepared you’ll be. And that can help you steer clear of sugary snacks throughout the season.
Consider your cooking, and plan to whip up a few healthier dishes for a balanced meal. Aim to include vegetables in as many dishes as possible – these are nutritious, filling, and can be adapted to the weather. Having a hot one? Toss together a few yummy salads. Having a colder Christmas? Roast veg always goes down a treat.

Stay active

Down Under, we’re lucky to have warmer weather over Christmas. So there are no excuses to stay inside stuffing ourselves silly! Whether you head to the beach to swim or stand-up paddleboard, splash around in a backyard pool, or spend time in your favourite air-conditioned gym, there are plenty of ways to stick to a fitness regime over the holidays. Even an early morning or evening walk, after the heat of the day has subsided, will do the trick.

Stay hydrated

Speaking of the heat…it’s easy to have one too many tipples in the festive season. But you don’t have to give up the booze entirely. Just be sure to swap every second alcoholic drink for water – and sip on water or herbal teas during the day.

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