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4 Ways to Get More Greens in Your Diet.


4 Ways to Get More Greens in Your Diet.

Since we were small, we’ve been told to eat our greens. Now we’re all grown up, we realise our parents were right. Greens are essential to good health and wellness. But how can you get more greens in your diet? Try these top 4 tips:

1. Start the day green

Green smoothies and juices may be a bit of a fad, but they are a healthy one. Because blitzing a bunch of green veggies and fruit can give you a hit of nutrition before the day begins.
Try out different combinations ‘til you find your fave. Spinach, cucumber and green apple is uber refreshing, while some people like to add banana, mango or other fruits for a sweeter blend.

2. Try a greens powder

If you don’t have time to whip up a smoothie – or you don’t like to drink your greens – you could try a supplement. There are many green powders on the market, which are easily mixed with water (or a smoothie if you prefer). Some contain a whole host of other ingredients and superfoods, for a potent hit of the good stuff.

3. Add greens to everything

If you really dislike the taste of leafy greens, you’re not alone. Some of us still need to hold our nose or hide veggies in our food to ensure we eat enough. But one easy way to eat more greens is to add them into your favourite foods. You could swap pasta for a bed of spinach, or throw in some broccoli, beans, or kale to your meal. You’ll hardly notice they’re there, and may even like the extra punch of flavour, texture and bulk.

4. Frozen greens

Stock your freezer with frozen peas, broccoli, and other veggies. These are handy to throw into a stir fry, curry, or pasta dish. And because they’re snap-frozen, they sometimes are even more nutritious than fresh varieties.
If you find your fresh veg is fading before you get the chance to use them, pop them into individual sandwich bags or containers, and freeze them before they go bad. You can toss them into a smoothie (bonus: they’ll keep your drink cool) or add them to a meal without much fuss. Plus, you’ll save on your grocery shop. Triple win!

For more tips on eating greens, chat with a dietitian or nutritionist.

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