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4 natural tips for clear skin


4 natural tips for clear skin

We all want to have clean, clear skin. But most of us will battle with breakouts, blemishes, scars and other skin complaints from time to time. So we’ve uncovered the 4 best natural tips for clear, flawless skin.

 Stress less

We know, easier said than done. But stress can have a huge affect on the health and appearance of our skin. When you’re stressed, your body releases the hormone cortisol. Studies suggest this makes the skin more oily, prompting breakouts.
The skin-mind connection is so strong that a new field of research has emerged – psychodermatogy. So there’s no denying stress can impact our skin.
So try some natural practices that help you relax and calm your mind. Talking therapy such as CBT can help, as well as meditation, gentle exercise, journaling, and taking time out in your day to be aware of your self.

 Eat a clean, balanced diet

You are what you eat, and a dietician or nutritionist will be able to demonstrate how the foods you choose show up on your skin. Sugar is well known for causing a raft of skin issues, while dairy and wheat can disrupt your skin health if you have intolerances or allergies.
As a first step, seek professional help to ensure you’re eating the best, most balanced diet for your health goals and lifestyle. Then work on eating a wide variety of fresh, whole foods – while limiting sugar and packaged goods.

Back to basics

Read the back of any skin solution, and you’ll see a long list of chemical ingredients – and bold claims that it’ll solve all your skin woes.
But that’s not necessarily the case. Some chemicals act as irritants, and can make your skin condition worse. Again, seek professional help – and consider going back to basics with your skincare regime.
That means choosing a natural cleanser, and trying a skin-friendly oil to moisturise the skin.

 Look after yourself

Lastly, to care for your skin you’ve got to care for yourself. Prioritise sleep, get out into nature, do things that make you smile, surround yourself with loved ones, and make the best choices for your skin and overall health and wellbeing. When we do this, we glow inside and out.

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