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5 Health Trends to Try in 2018


5 Health Trends to try in 2018

Fitness fads come and go. And while wisdom tells us healthy habits repeated over the long-term is the best approach, it’s always fun to see what’s making a splash in the health and fitness world.
Here are just 5 health trends tipped to be big in 2018:

1. Spice up your life

Turmeric lattes are still bang on trend, but the new year brought with it new spices. We’re talking moringa – said to be an even more potent anti-inflammatory than turmeric – as well as ‘golden milk’, a spicy drink often used in Ayurvedic medicine.

2. Meditation for all

You know something’s hit the mainstream when your mum, aunty, fruit shop owner and Uber driver can’t stop raving about it. And in 2018, that’s meditation. Thanks to apps like Headspace and Calm, more of us are taking time to sit in silence and be mindful.

3. Cannabidoil

CBD oil products are flying off the shelves. Made from the cannabis plant (but without high-flying THC), cannabidoil is said to help with anxiety, menstrual cramps, and many more issues and ailments.

4. Low-FODMAP foods

If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), your health professional might recommend a low-FODMAP diet. FODMAP is a carbohydrate that’s been shown to cause tummy troubles, and is commonly found in dairy, alcohol, legumes and other foods.

5. Sober society

Sobriety is cool, and drinking is out. At least, that’s what the overseas influencers are telling us. Some social events are even being staged booze-free. So no hassles if you choose to sip sparkling water over sparkling wine.
Of course, no fad or trend can replace good old fashioned health and fitness advice. And for that, chat with a dietician or nutritionist. They’ll help devise a plan that meets all your needs and goals.

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