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6 Facts About Vitamin C


6 facts about vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most recognized nutrients. Most people know a thing or three about vitamin, such as where it can be sourced or without it you can develop scurvy. However, truth be told there is a lot we still don’t know about vitamin C and it’s just a matter of sieving myth from truth.
Here are important facts about vitamin C.  

Fighting a cold with vitamin C

Research shows that boosting your vitamin C does not reduce the risk of catching the common cold.  However, some research does show that people who regularly take vitamin C supplements may have slightly shorter colds or slightly milder symptoms. Doses of vitamin C may reduce the duration and severity of cold symptoms, particularly in people who are vitamin C deficient.

Wound Healing

Vitamin C plays an important role in wound healing due its role in collagen production.

Immune Function

Vitamin C increases white blood cell production and is a potent antioxidant, it is therefore important in the balance of the immune system. Research has shown that there is a relationship between low levels of vitamin C levels and an increased risk for infection.

Certain condition and lifestyle habits deplete vitamin C in the body

Certain health conditions may cause vitamin C depletion.  This includes diabetes and high blood pressure. People who smoke, are stressed and women who take estrogen may also have lower vitamin C levels. In addition, men are more likely to be vitamin C depleted, as are the elderly.

Collagen production

Collagen is the protein that binds cells together in our body and is also the building block of connective tissues. Collagen is critical to the formation and ongoing health of the skin, cartilage, ligaments, corneas, and other bodily tissues and structures.


Vitamin C increases iron absorption and is therefore often prescribed with or added to iron supplements due to this reason.

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