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6 Foods that Fight Bloating


6 Foods that Fight Bloating   

Battling bloat? It’s no fun for anyone. But there are some simple things you can do to keep bloat at bay – including choosing certain foods over others.
Here are 6 foods that fight bloating:

1 Yoghurt

A good dollop of Greek yoghurt (sans sugar) is packed with probiotics, which can help your gut digest and absorb what you eat. It’s also a great protein source, so can keep you going between meals.

2 Water with lemon

Ok, not technically a food, but staying hydrated is one of the best ways to keep your tummy flat and feeling fab. Water flushes salt (sodium), which is a big cause of bloating. Pop in a slice of lemon for a natural flavour hit – and to help your digestive system move things along.

3 Ginger

Ginger’s been hailed for centuries as a helpful herb. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are fab for fighting gas and bloating (and keeping you regular), while a digestive enzyme called zingibain works to break down protein in the body. Whether you grate ginger into a stir-fry or have it as a tea, be sure to keep ginger at the top of your shopping list.

4 Tomatoes

The red fruit has bounds of benefits – one of which is flushing sodium from the body. Tomatoes can also reverse leptin resistance, which is really important when you consider leptin plays a part in appetite control.

5  Bananas

Bananas also get a big tick for combatting bloat. And it’s all thanks to their super-high levels of potassium and fibre, which relieve water retention and flush out sodium.

6 Leafy greens

All hail kale and spinach! These leafy greens are full of fibre to reduce water retention. Best of all, they’re cheap, low calorie, and are easy to pop into almost anything: from smoothies to salads. 
Looking for more ways to banish bloat? Have a chat with a dietician or nutritionist.

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