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Natural Asthma Treatments


Asthma is a condition that effects the functioning of the lungs, specifically the bronchial passages and alveolar sacs.  It is triggered by a range of airborne irritants including chemicals, dust mites, feathers, mildew and cigarette smoke; as well as infections of the respiratory tract.  It is believed that a family history of asthma may well predispose one to the condition, and it often appears in early childhood.  Characteristic symptoms include periodic coughing, wheezing and a general inability to breathe properly. 

Natural Asthma Treatments

Traditional medicinal treatment focuses on bronchodilators which are inhaled at the onset of an asthma attack, and act on the bronchial passages to prevent further constriction. An alternative are the range of natural asthma treatments available to complement or supplement any other treatment being undertaken.

  • Nutrition for Asthma: A balanced diet is central to the notion of maintaining your body and immune system at their optimum.  This can help limit the impact of ailments and conditions.  Some foods may however trigger allergies - including asthma - so it advisable to consult an accredited nutritionist to determine the potential source of your condition in your diet.

  • Herbal Medicine for Asthma: Herbal medicine, or botanical medicine, utilises plants and plant derivatives to treat ailments and conditions such as asthma.  These are often based on sound photochemical evidence, and are increasingly researched by modern medicine for the development of new drugs and treatments.

  • Aromatherapy for Asthma: Aromatherapy is based on the use of plant and flower extracts which are applied to the body or used as an infusion and inhaled.  Essential oils are one way of utilising the power of aromatherapy to treat a range of conditions, including asthma.  The bronchial passages can be relaxed and helped to dilate with the application of an appropriate extract.

  • Homeopathy for Asthma: Homeopathy uses diluted infusions from the plant and mineral world, utilising the notion that like cures like.  A trained and accredited homeopath is best placed to recommend the appropriate remedy or combination of remedies for a particular ailment, including asthma. 

  • Meditation for Asthma: Meditation has as its primary goal the complete relaxation of the mind and body - and is therefore ideally placed to assist in reducing the hyperventilation that often characterises an asthma attack.  This is especially true of breath focused meditation. 

  • Buteyko Technique for Asthma: Buteyko Technique is similar to meditation, in that it uses a series of controlled breathing exercises aimed at restoring natural breathing patterns, which are also thought to be beneficial for the conditioning of the lungs.

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