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Natural Hair Loss Treatments


Many people face the problem of hair loss at some stage of their lives, causing them discomfort and embarrassment. Causes may be related to inherited disorders related to ageing, or result from other factors such as hormonal imbalances, side effects from medications, stress and illness. Whilst there are some effective pharmaceuticals on the market to treat hair loss, many of their long-term effects are still unknown causing more and more people to turn to natural therapies as a remedy for hair loss. Read on for more information regarding which natural hair loss treatment may suit you best.

Types of Natural Hair Loss Treatments

  • Hair loss and aromatherapy: The essential oils used in aromatherapy are laden with nutrients that assist with hair loss by increasing overall immunity, alleviating stress levels and by stimulating circulation to the scalp promoting further hair growth. They may be used in a massage, applied topically, used as a hair treatment, inhaled or simply added to your shampoo.

  • Hair loss and nutrition:  A nutritious diet provides the hair with vitamins, minerals and proteins that feed the hair, stimulating it to grow, and giving it strength that ensure less hair breakages and fall out.

  • Hair loss and herbal medicine: There are many herbs that assist with hair loss, each working in a different way to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. They are best taken in tincture form (liquid) or as a herbal infusion, such as with herbal teas.

  • Hair loss and acupuncture: Through the use of needles on the skin, acupuncture promotes a free flow of life energy around the body, freeing the body of any negative energy and reconciling any energy imbalances that may be affecting your hair health. To prevent hair loss and stimulate growth, acupuncturists will focus on stimulating the kidneys, adrenals and lungs to encourage a detoxification and good blood circulation that supports your hair to grow.

  • Hair loss and hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy acts to put an individual into a sleep-like state in which the person acts only on external suggestion. In this relaxed state, the individual is encouraged to visualize the desired state they would like their hair to be in, and to release any negative beliefs that they may be holding onto. It also works to relive the symptoms of stress that may be the underlying cause of temporary baldness.

  • Hair loss and massage: Massage is the ideal way to increase feelings of well being and optimum health. And a healthy body provides healthy, nourished hair whose strength resists breakages and fall out. Scalp massages in particular are beneficial in preventing hair loss. They stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, detoxify the scalp from dead skin and relieve any physical tension that may be preventing the hair to grow.

  • Hair loss and reflexology: A reflexologist will work to prevent hair loss by stimulating certain acupressure points that stimulate hair growth, soothe the scalp and reduce the physical effects of stress on the body renown for temporarily causing hair to fall out.

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