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Alkaline Acid Balance

What you eat affects your body's alkaline acid balance. A balanced pH environment allows for normal bodily functions that are necessary for your body to resist disease.

A healthy body will maintain adequate alkaline reserves in order to meet emergency demands. When alkaline reserves are weakened, however, or excess acids need to be neutralised, the body is left in a weakened condition.

Most people consume a diet that is high in processed foods.  These foods will acidify the body.  As a result, the pH imbalance can result in health issues ranging from minor skin irritations, chronic fatigue, back pain, depression and ulcers.

In order to enjoy optimum healthy, one of the key factors is balanced quantities of alkaline and acid substances. By changing your diet, you can restore your acid alkaline balance which can result in vast improvements in health.

Measuring your alkaline acid balance

The acidity of foods as well as other substances are measured by their pH value.  This is seen by their place on a 14 point pH scale.  The lower the number on scale and the lower the pH level, the more acidic the substance.  The higher the number on the scale and the higher the pH level, the alkaline the substance is.

Your body has a pH balance that determines the amount of acid and alkalinity present in your system.  If your body is showing higher acidity, you may experience weakened conditions such as fatigue, low energy, headaches, irritability, and recurring infections.

The most alkalising foods:

  •     Honey
  •     Asparagus
  •     Margarine
  •     White wine
  •     Broccoli
  •     Marmalade
  •     Mineral water
  •     Watermelon
  •     Apples
  •     Red wine
  •     Zucchini
  •     Hazelnuts
  •     Green beans
  •     Tomatoes
  •     Cherries
  •     Radishes
  •     Cauliflower
  •     Potatoes
  •     Apricots
  •     Carrots
  •     Celery
  •     Bananas
  •     Spinach
  •     Raisins (most alkaline-promoting)
  •     Legumes

The most acidic producing foods:

  •     Processed foods such as cakes, crisps, cookies
  •     Meat
  •     Dairy
  •     Most grains
  •     Alcohol
  •     Caffeine

To make your body more alkaline, you can eat more alkaline based foods and less acidic foods.

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