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Check out These Massage Oil Recipes


Check out These Massage Oil Recipes

There are a wide range of massage oil blends available that offer a wide range of results, but it can be a worthwhile and fulfilling experience to mix your own.
The following is a look at some basic recipes from Natural Living Ideas to make your own massage oils.

1.Warm Spice Blend: Mental Clarity, Uplifting

Cinnamon + Sweet Orange + Cardamom +  Coriander Seed


3 – 4 drops – (middle: warm, green, aromatic spice) – traditionally used in Ayurveda to invigorate the mind and body; also used to ease nervous tension.

Sweet Orange.

14 – 16 drops – (top note: sweet, fruity, citrus) – very cleansing  and uplifting aroma.

Cinnamon Bark.

  5 – 6 drops – (base: warm, dry, herbal spice) – potent natural stimulant; also antimicrobial and promotes digestive health.

Coriander Seed.

  3 – 4 drops – (middle: sweet, spicy, woody, slight fruity) – revitalizing spice stimulates the senses; also aids with digestion and soothes inflammation.

Carrier oil.

Coconut, almond or jojoba.

2.Citrus Flower Blend: Emotional Well-Being, Sensuality

Clary Sage + Jasmine + Bergamot +  Ylang Ylang +  Grapefruit

Clary Sage.

2 – 3 drops – (middle: dry, musky, bittersweet, floral) – soothes muscle tension; relaxes the mind and naturally elevates mood.


2 – 3 drops – (middle: warm, rich, deeply floral) – warms the body and stimulates the senses.


12 – 14 drops – (top note: fresh, spicy, floral, citrus) – relieves tension and elevates mood.


4 – 5 drops – (base: rich, sweet, creamy floral) – heightens senses and elevates mood.

Ylang Ylang.

2 – 3 drops – (base: rich, sweet, floral) – relaxing and mood-elevating.


2 – 3 drops – (secondary top note: fresh, tangy, citrus) – both contain antioxidants, improve skin health, and promote detoxification.

Carrier oil.

Grape seed, olive or jojoba.

3.Sweet Dreams Blend: Relaxes Mind and Body, Sleep Aid

Mandarin + Lavender + Valerian + Sandalwood + Chinese Rose
This blend is designed to help you fall asleep at night.  Simply massage a few drops of oil over temples, behind ears, inside of wrists, and on the bottoms of your feet about ten minutes before bed.


1 – 2 drops – (top note: light, fruity, citrus) – relaxing, cleansing; also a digestive aid.


12 – 14 drops – (middle: sweet, floral, herbaceous) – promotes relaxation; also a powerful anti-inflammatory and is a natural detoxifier.


6 – 7 drops – (base: warm, woody, balsam, musky) – powerful natural sleep aid; reduces anxiety; lowers blood pressure.


3 – 4 drops – (base: soft, woody, light balsam) – soothing, anti-inflammatory; also a decongestant.

Chinese Rose.

2 – 3 drops – (middle: soft, spicy, sweet, floral) – relaxes; adds depth to the blend’s aroma.

Carrier oil.

Grape seed or almond oil.

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