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Cooking from Scratch

Due to the age of convenience foods, many people have never been taught the art of cooking from scratch. A large proportion of the population will eat packaged foods most of the time.

You know that your diet is a major influence on your health, both positively and negatively, depending on your nutritional intake.  Your food choices will ultimately determine whether or not you are getting the right amounts of nutrients your body will need to function properly.

Research shows that home cooked meals can lead to better health outcomes than frequently dining on packaged meals and take out.
There are many benefits to home cooked meals:

Child Friendly Benefits

  • Cooking from scratch and preparing home cooked meals can ensure you and your child’s physical wellbeing;
  • If you cook the meal and sit down as a family to eat, this can ensure your child’s emotional wellbeing as well;
  • Studies have found that home cooked meals tend to contain more fruits and vegetables therefore a higher amount of nutrients than that of their counterpart.

Home Cooked Meals Beats Fast Food for Taste as well as Cost

  • If you want to enjoy the benefits of more disposable cash, try skip a bought lunch and prepare your lunch at home;
  • When it comes to baby food, pre-packaged can be quite costly and may not always be that nutritious.  Simply prepare your baby’s food at home following a very simple and effortless recipe.


  • When cooked with the right ingredients, home cooked meals can be extremely healthy as you control everything that goes into your meal.  You can choose to make something that has less sugar, less unhealthy fat or even less carbs;
  • When you prepare from scratch, you will find ingredients that are not oozing with additives and preservatives, many of which have names most people find extremely difficult to pronounce, let alone understand their meaning;
  • You can choose to stay away from products that have been genetically altered in order to enhance a specific factor of that food.
The truth is, when you are buying packaged food, you really don’t know what you are eating.

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