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Counselling vs. Life Coaching: What's the Difference?


Counselling vs. Life Coaching: What's the Difference?

We need to talk. Whatever you’re going through in life, help is at hand. Question is: do you choose counselling or life coaching? And what’s the difference?
We’ve got all the answers, so you can choose the best professional for your situation and goals:

What does a counsellor do?

People often seek counselling when facing a difficulty in their life. It could be grief, marriage issues, abuse, or unresolved past problems. They feel stuck, overwhelmed, and lost in the fog.
A counsellor can help you get clear on your problems, and find solutions to whatever you’re going through. They’ll ask probing questions to help you become more self-aware, discover yourself, find acceptance (of yourself and others), and gain closure on the past.
They can also help you explore past issues that are holding you back – so you can move forward with peace and confidence.

What does a life coach do?

Life coaches help you focus on what you want in your life – and then the steps to reach those goals. They’ll work with you to pinpoint the areas of your life that are out of balance, and remove the things that are holding you back.
Like counsellors, they won’t give advice or answers. They simply encourage you to explore your life as it is right now – and figure out how to get to where you want to go.

Counselling vs. life coaching

As you can see, both counselling and life coaching can help you get clear on your life and a vision for your future.
So how are they different?
  • Counsellors are licensed to provide talking therapy.
  • Life coaching is unregulated, so they don’t need a degree (but many will have certification through a recognised industry association).
  • Counsellors can diagnose issues and illnesses – the why.
  • Life coaches identify problems you face now so you can change them – the how.
  • Counsellors dig deep into your subconscious and unconscious mind.
  • Life coaches focus on actions and outcomes.
Whether you choose a counsellor or life coach – or both – the important thing is you’re getting help and taking steps to improve your life. Which means both practices can be enormously beneficial.
You can get started by finding a counsellor or life coach right here on Natural Therapy Pages.


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