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Foods to Lower Weight Loss

Are there certain foods that can actually support weight loss?  When it comes to food that helps you to lose weight and keep it off, there really are.  These foods either help you to eat less, or help you to burn more calories.

Nutritional experts believe that fruits and vegetables are wholesome superfoods for maintaining a healthy weight.  This is because they produce satiety with the benefit of an abundant amount of vitamins and minerals and without the calories. Barbara Rolls, PhD, a researcher at Penn State University and author of the book The Volumetrics Eating Plan says that, "people given the message to eat more fruits and vegetables lost significantly more weight than those told to eat less fat," she goes on to say, "Advice to eat more is a lot more effective than advice to eat less. Positive messages about what can be eaten are more effective than restrictive messages about what not to eat."

Fibre is another group of foods that help keep it off.  Protein is being accepted in the scientific world to help curb your appetite and keep you fuller for longer. Fibre is found only in plant foods such as fruits, vegetables and grains, especially whole grains. Along with water, these foods act as a digestive tract stimulant; cutting out foods that are rich in fibre can lead to chronic constipation.
Research shows that protein is also important for keeping off the weight. Barbara Rolls says that ‘eating enough protein-rich foods of low energy density [calories per portion] is a good strategy for increasing satiety, especially if you are trying to lose weight.’

It is a good idea to start your meal with some salad or a cup of soup. Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, director of nutrition for WebMD, say that lower-calorie soups (that is, tomato- and broth-based varieties) are highly satisfying.  It is always better to make your own, that way you always know what is going in your soup.  If you have to get store bought soup, make sure it is low is salt and sugar or even devoid of it.

Zelman says "If you have soup before a meal, it helps control hunger and you eat less," she says.

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