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Grass Fed Beef


The way in which farm animals are reared for food has changed immensely over the years. The reality of modern farming is that the welfare of the animal is hugely compromised.  The food they naturally eat has evolved and very often will eat grain food from a feed lot.

Grass feeding is a concept that is not entirely familiar with many consumers.  Cows that graze 100% grass from pastures all year round can be classifies as grass fed beef. 

In the organic world, the Australian Certified Organic Standards require that the animal is free to roam and graze from its surroundings therefore making feed lotting or grain feeding practically very diffic


A Cow’s Natural Diet

Cows are natural grazers.  Therefore their natural diet must consist of that which can be grazed or browsed.  Grazing is eating the grass and browsing refers to the consumption of leaves and twigs.  Cows can digest large amounts of grass.  Historically, a cow’s diet consist of grass and not grains.

Nutritional Benefits of Grass Fed Meat

The nourishment you get from animals depend a lot upon the food in which the animal consumes.

Animals that are given access to grass for 100% of their diet, improves the nutritional quality of their met.  This includes a better quality of fat.  This means that the saturated fat is of a higher quality with a richer value of omega 3 fatty acids.  In addition to this the omega 3:omega 6 fatty acid ratio is more balanced and there are also increased amounts of conjugated linoleic acid. 

Grass fed meat also supplies you with increased amounts of vitamins including vitamin A and vitamin E. 

The added benefit of consuming organic grass fed meat is the fact that the animal and grass has not been exposed to agricultural chemicals which could accumulate in the fat of the animal.  These chemicals may then in turn, be ingested and stored in your bodies.


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