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Herbal remedies to alleviate anxiety

No one enjoys living with anxiety. It can be crippling, consuming our thoughts and constricting our lifestyle. So it’s natural to want to alleviate anxiety as quickly as possible. Can herbal remedies provide the answer to alleviate anxiety?

Why use herbal remedies to alleviate anxiety?

There are prescription medications available to treat anxiety. But not everyone wants to go down that path – or they want to try some alternatives first.
Natural remedies for anxiety can have fewer side effects than medication. And you may feel better taking a natural treatment. The choice is yours to make, after speaking with a health professional about your anxiety.
Now let’s look at some popular natural remedies to aid anxiety:

1. Chamomile for calmness

Have you ever sipped a hot mug of chamomile tea? Even just a few sips in, your body starts to unwind, relax and your mind melts into a lovely little state of calm. Try it! It’s certainly a cheap way to ease your worries, and is known as a natural sedative that quiets the nervous system and reduce tummy troubles that arise from anxiety.

2. Kava kava to stop anxious thoughts

Researchers have spent a lot of time investigating kava for anxiety. And they’ve found that it is incredibly helpful for people with anxiety. It may reduce your stress, help you sleep better and treat insomnia, and stop those nervous thoughts from getting a grip on your mind. But chat to a health professional first, since there are certain substances you don’t want to take while on kava.

3. Green tea to rest the mind

Green tea – a natural remedy praised by the Chinese and Japanese for centuries – is packed with the amino acid L-theanine. This stops our heart rate from getting out of control, lowers blood pressure and – no surprise – reduce anxiety. To get the benefits, swap coffee for a few cups of green tea throughout the day.

4. St. John’s Wort – the ancient anxiety alleviator

 St. John’s Wort – usually taken in tablet form – has been used as a healing medicine since Hippocrates and throughout history. Some studies have shown that the herb is better at treating anxiety and depression than common anti-depressants!

5. Valerian for a sound sleep

Valerian is a natural sedative, so it’s best to take it before bed – otherwise you may find yourself feeling drowsy during the day. It is used in many countries as a proven sleep aid. In fact, Germany has rubber stamped valerian as a prescribed treatment for sleep disorders.

6. Lovely lavender

Rub a stick of lavender between your hands and smell. Ahhhh, isn’t it wonderfully relaxing? Well now science backs up that feeling, saying it lowers anxiety just as well as anti-anxiety medications.
Best of all, lavender doesn’t make you drowsy. So you can take it as a tea or essential oil whenever you need to unwind. You can even pop on a lavender eye pillow to help you sleep – or add a few drops of essential lavender oil to your pillow. Then breathe deeply and welcome a night of blissful sleep.

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