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How Taking a Diet Break Can Help You Lose Weight

If you speak with a dietician or nutritionist, they’ll probably tell you to eat a balanced diet with everything in moderation. Because, as we all know, crash diets just leave you hungry and cranky.
And now a new study has found that if you’re dieting to lose weight, you could have more success by taking time off.
The University of Tasmania study found that intermittent dieters lost around 31 pounds (14kg) compared to constant dieters who lost just 20 pounds (9kg).

How was the discovery made?

Published in the International Journal of Obesity, the study focused on two groups of men on the same calorie-restricted diet. All participants cut their daily calorie intake by 33%.
One group followed the diet for 16 consecutive weeks, while the other group took a break every two weeks over the course of 30 weeks (amounting to 16 dieting weeks).

How does a diet break aid weight loss?

While the study was a small one and more research needs to be undertaken, the research team have been able to weigh in on their findings.
They believe intermittent dieting works because of the ‘famine reaction’. When you restrict calories, your body cools its resting metabolism so you don’t burn too much energy while hunting for food.
And when you take a break from your diet, your body is able to avoid going into starvation mode and continue burning fat efficiently.
It’s certainly an interesting study, but any health professional will tell you that a calorie-restricted diet should always be done under the guidance of an expert. A dietician or nutritionist can help you create and stick to a balanced nutrition plan to reach your health goals.

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