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How Talk Therapy Aids Insomnia


Wide awake at night? Suffering from a lack of quality sleep? A new study suggests that ‘talk therapy’ may be the ticket to treating insomnia for people with mental health issues.
By talk therapy, we mean cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), a technique used by counsellors and coaches to help us change our thought patterns and replace negative with positive thinking.
While researchers have known for some time that CBT aids sleep and helps people with insomnia, the new study is the first to investigate its impact on people with mental illness such as stress and depression.

What did the insomnia study involve?

The Rush University Medical Centre study, published in Jama Internal Medicine, analysed the results from 37 prior studies. Over 2200 people were studied to pinpoint how CBT might help people with mental illness and/or conditions such as chronic pain and cancer.

What did the study find?

The study concluded that CBT can significantly reduce insomnia and improve sleep quality. It also reduces ongoing sleep disturbances. According to an article published on, “Twice as many people who received the therapy no longer had insomnia, compared to people who didn't have the therapy.”
This is a very valuable finding – and rather impressive results – especially for people who have a medical condition or mental illness that affects their sleep.
The researchers concluded that CBD can be hailed as an effective tool and treatment for people with psychiatric conditions to get the rest they sorely need.
If you’re having trouble sleeping, talk confidentially with a counsellor, psychologist or psychotherapist in your area.

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