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Feng Shui for Relationships


Are you unhappy in any way with your professional or personal relationships?  Try Feng Shui as an easy way to improve your relationships, and also your own happiness.

Using Feng Shui to Improve Work Relationships

Feng Shui improves your working relationships by creating happy workers and co-workers.  If you are happy in the workplace, you are more likely to be promoted; you will get along with your colleagues better, improve your client relationships, and earn more respect.

The first thing that you should do is ensure that your desk is free of clutter and organised.  Also take into mind the actual feel of your workplace and ensure that the mood is suitable.  If you work in a retail environment, it should feel different to a lawyer’s office.

Also place some fresh flowers in your office or front office if you work in a large workplace and ensure that your desk is placed so that your back is against something solid.  It can be very unsettling to have your back facing towards a door so that you cannot see people entering or leaving.

Using Feng Shui to Improve Personal Relationships

Many people would like a better relationship with their loved one or, if they are single, to entice the perfect partner to enter their life.  Feng Shui can help to accomplish this.  Here are some of the most popular Feng Shui tips to improve the relationship energy within the home.

  • Use the correct pictures – any pictures or artworks in your home should not reflect solitary people.  This is because artwork has an enormous impact on a person’s subconscious and if you surround yourself with single figures, you will act accordingly.
  • Change your seating arrangements – get rid of chairs that sit by themselves and group your seating so that they form comfortable and cosy arrangements.
  • Get rid of the TV – a television can completely ruin the romance of a relationship and should not be part of any bedroom.  If you have trouble falling asleep without external distractions, try reading a romantic book or poetry.
  • The right bedding – get rid of those old sheets, pillows or doonas that you’ve had for years and splurge on comfortable, sensual bedding that makes you want to just stay and snuggle in bed.
  • Don’t go too big – a bigger mattress may give you more room to move but it also takes away some intimacy.  A queen size bed means that you won’t lose that much room and you’ll also gain the desired closeness to your partner.
  • Keep the bed away from the wall – ensure that it’s possible to walk around both sides of the bed.  If you have the bed against the wall, then you are effectively crowding out any chance for a partner to enter your life.
  • Use romantic colours – sensual colours such as red, pink and peach can liven up your love life a surprising amount.  Softer colours will attract a gentler partner, while bolder colours will draw a passionate person closer to you.
  • Look at your bedroom – specifically, pay attention to the back right-hand corner of your bedroom and see what is there.  Get rid of anything that doesn’t highlight love and romance.
  • Keep the family out – the family should not be a part of your bedroom – in photos or otherwise – as the bedroom is the symboliser of your romantic life.  The bedroom needs to be a private retreat so stick to showing off family relationships in other areas of the house.
  • Prepare for company – doing things to demonstrate that you are ready to share your space with someone special; the romantic prospects in your life will improve.  Do this by clearing out a dresser drawer, leaving some space in your wardrobe or by having an extra toothbrush in your bathroom.
  • Use your “Relationship Gua” – using the front door of your home as the reference point, the far right corner of your home is the relationship corner or “Relationship Gua”.  As so, this area should be as intimate and inviting as possible.
  • Crystals - add Rose Quartz crystals into the right-hand corner of your room. To choose the right corner, choose the furthest corner to the right, from where you enter the room.

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