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The Healing Wonders of Vitamin C

Vitamin C could be touted a wonder food nutrient thanks to the wide variety of functions it performs in healing the body and maintaining health.


Most of you will stock up on the vitamin C the minute you start to feel under the weather.  However, there are many other uses for vitamin C.

It gives you youthful skin.

Vitamin C is an important in collagen production. It’s also a potent antioxidant which can help to prevent premature aging. These two combined, will help in creating youthful skin.

It’ll make you stress less.

Your adrenal glands need Vitamin C (amongst others) to function effectively.  During times of stress, your body will use up much more vitamin C than usual. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin as your body cannot make it and you need to obtain it from our diet or through supplementation.

It helps your wounds to heal quicker.

Taken orally, vitamin C helps wounds to heal quicker.  It does this by helping to heal the connective tissue, it also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Protection from toxins and aids smokers.

Every cigarette you smoke uses up about 1000mg of vitamin C from your body.  This is because Vitamin C supports and aids detoxification and/or neutralisation of many harmful substances. It helps certain heavy metals to be more easily eliminated in urine.

It supports heart health.

As mentioned, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant.  The antioxidant properties of vitamin C helps to prevent heart disease by stopping free radicals from damaging artery walls, which could lead to atherosclerosis or plaque formation.

It can reduce your suffering from allergies.

Vitamin C is a natural anti-histamine and therefore the right does can be useful in the prevention and treatment of hayfever and hives.

It supports your immune system.

Vitamin C can reduce the severity and duration of viruses such as the common cold but ideally it should be used as a preventative rather than a cure. 

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