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The Health Benefits of Solitude.


The Health Benefits of Solitude.

Do you like to be alone? While we all need to socialise now and then (we are a social species after all), there are some significant and perhaps surprising health benefits of solitude.
Here are 4 reasons to disconnect from distractions and carve a little slice of solitude for yourself:

1. Refocus, refresh, restart

You know when your computer gets congested and cranky, and the best cure is a reboot? Well humans can be like that too. We’re often so busy racing around and getting things done, we end up all tightly wound and not really functioning at our best.
Solitude offers us the chance to be still. To breathe deeply. To refocus inwards and tune in to our ‘self’ and what he or she is trying to tell us. Without distractions, we can truly focus, expand our mind to see things more clearly, and get a fresh perspective.

2. Find yourself, and deepen your relationships

Do you really know yourself, outside of others? Do you know what makes you tick, what makes you sick, what you’re truly passionate about – or couldn’t care less for? When we sit in solitude (or walk or meditate or do something creative on our own) we can unearth our own voice, our own desires, away from other people’s expectations and ideas of who we are and what we should do. And that could in fact improve our relationships with others. One leading health blogger calls it “recalibrating our sense of self.”

3. Improve your memory

Multiple studies have concluded that we remember more when we pursue something alone. When we’re around others, we are easily distracted and start multitasking, reducing our memory recall. But when we work or study solo, we experience enhanced recall.

4. Think deeply

Unless you’re part of a friendship group of deep thinkers – or seek out those sorts of activities such as group meditations and talks, it’s pretty tricky to take the time to really think deeply about your life and its direction. Enjoying solitude allows you to put aside the to-do list and dig deep – enhancing creativity and productivity at the same time.


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