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The Secrets Behind an Easier Allergy Season

Allergy season may be a while away until it begins.  However, If you want to avoid the symptoms, it is best to act in advance. Dr. Ahmad Sedaghat is an ear, nose, and throat specialist at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.  He says that ‘pretreating allergies will lead to better control of symptoms, and maybe prevent symptoms from showing up.

Automatic defences
When the spring allergens such as pollen float through the air and reach your nose, your body can overreact if you are allergy prone. The mast cells that are found in the lining of your nose mistakenly see the harmless particles as dangerous invaders.  The mast cells will then call for help by releasing various chemicals such as histamine and tryptase.  This will then recruit more immune system cells to fight of the ‘dangerous invaders.’
This escalation of chemicals is what causes the hayfever symptoms such as watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose and a sore throat.

Blocking your defences
Rather than allowing your body to go through the process of fighting off an unnecessary fight against pollen, you can turn off your defense system with medication.  It is best to do this prior to the allergy season.  You should talk to your health care professional about the best medications to take and the dosages.
It is best to get the cascade of reactions before they start.  This is because it can be really hard to stop, once the reations start.

What you should do
It is important to work with your doctor to develop the best pre-treatment plan for you.  This includes how far in advance you should use medications.

Drug free ways to avoid allergens include:
  • Keeping air conditioning clean;
  • Keeping heating filter and vents clean;
  • Keeping windows closed;
  • Look into homeopathic solutions;
  • Herbal medicine could help to combat symptoms.

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