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This Holiday Season, Eat Mindfully, Not Mindlessly

Mindful eating is about eating the foods you enjoy in a new way.
When diet articles are draped all over the front covers of magazines, it is hard not to avoid. However, instead of depriving yourself, eat in moderation, be aware of what is healthy and what is not, fill up with the healthy first and in the forefront, be mindful.
These few very basic mindful eating tips can help you eat more mindfully this holiday.
  1. Sit Down:  It's hard to really enjoy food when you are standing up and trying to balance a plate. Don't take a bite unless you are sitting down and can truly enjoy what you are eating.
  2. State Out Loud Three of Your Favourite Foods:  Stick to what you know you love and really enjoy it.  Limit the high fat, high sugars and stick to your favourite health foods.
  3. Take a Game or Photos: When food is the only event at a holiday meal, it makes it all too easy to mindlessly eat. Bring your favourite game or cards.
  4. Find Ways to Soothe and Comfort Yourself: Holidays are exciting, but they can also be stressful. So that you don't turn to food for comfort, take a five-minute time out.
  5. Rethink the Holidays: During the festive season, there is often an abundance of food and there is an expectation to eat differently to the way we normally would or should eat. Be mindful of this. You don't have to avoid good food, eat slowly, with full awareness.
  6. Eat Regularly: Stay ahead of your hunger.  Don’t go into meal time famished as this is when you might eat mindlessly and overeat.
  7. Take Home Leftovers: Perhaps you can bring your own container for left overs. If you feel that you overeat because you enjoy good food, come with your own doggie bag. You mind not eat mindlessly if you know that you can savour it again later.

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