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Top 12 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

Holiday times are times of togetherness, celebration and happiness.  Sometimes, however they can bring challenges to your physical and emotional wellbeing.  Here are some tips to stay on top of yourself these holidays.

#1. Eat well. It is very common and accepted to put on some weight during the holidays. But there are ways in which you can eat both healthy and well! Know your foods, understand which will promote health. Moderation is key. When visiting others, bring a healthy dish to share. Go slow on the alcoholic beverages and avoid high sugar drinks.
#2. Stay active. Exercise is just as important during the holiday times as any other time of the year and you should be active at least four to five times a week.
#3. De-stress. Holiday time can be a stressful time. Over-the-top holiday excursions can be stressful, which is not how you should be spending this joyful season. Focus on your holiday traditions — don’t worry about the rest. Make time for friends, family and good cheer, and embrace relaxation when you can. Don’t neglect the value of sleep, either. Do all that you can to stick to a normal sleep schedule even around all the celebrations and traveling. Avoid or limit caffeine, alcohol, daytime napping and large meals before bed. These factors can interfere with a good night’s rest.
#4. Help others. Depression and suicidality increase during the holidays. Watch for signs of depression among your friends and family. Take an active role to support those in need. Invite those colleagues or friends who are alone over the holidays to spend them with you. Volunteer and give to those less fortunate.
#5 Drink water. Drink water. Summer may be a good time for smoothies and milkshakes, but always make water your drink of choice. While ice cold beverages can be great for quenching that thirst and cooling down, remember to keep it balanced with at least eight cups of water per day. A glass of water with and between each meal can keep you hydrated and healthy.

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