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What is Aqua Yoga, and How Does it Work?


What is Aqua Yoga, and How Does it Work?

If you like yoga and water, then chances are you’ll love aqua yoga. This relatively new twist on the tradition sees movement and meditation mix with water – which also makes it perfect for pregnant women.
But what exactly is aqua yoga and how does it work? Let’s take a look:

Just add water

Aqua yoga is essentially performing asanas in water – either a warm pool, lake or even the ocean.
Most classes use special aqua boards that are suspended on the water. This may take some getting used to – but many poses are modified to keep you stable, and the board is extra wide to make sure you don’t fall in too often! But don’t worry if you do: it’s easy to get back on – and you might appreciate the cool down during class!

Who is aqua yoga good for?

Because you’re buoyant in the water, aqua yoga takes pressure off the joints so you can easily move through certain sequences and poses. It also means the practice is great for people with injuries or those returning to exercise.
You might find aqua yoga is more calming and relaxing compared to other classes. And that’s because being in and around water can be incredibly soothing. Some say it creates a deeper mind-body connection, since water has apparent healing qualities. It’s also said to help with deeper, more mindful breathing – which can be helpful if you experience anxiety.
Pregnant women have also been turning to aqua yoga as a safe, relaxing workout. Just be sure to find a teacher and class that’s specifically suited for pregnancy (look for aquanatal or
pregnancy yoga classes).

Want to try aqua yoga?

It’s always fun to mix up a regular routine – and aqua yoga will open you up to a whole new way of experiencing the practice. While it hasn’t taken off everywhere, you’ll likely find an aqua yoga class in your local area.

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