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What is Horseback Yoga?


What is Horseback Yoga?

Yoga with goats. Yoga with kittens. And now, yoga with horses is trending. If you’re a yoga purist, you’ll probably skip this one. But horseback yoga is making waves – and we wanted to find out why.
The trend first made waves about two years ago, when a Spanish retreat started offering horse yoga sessions in a forest setting.
Horseback yoga “is not a question of domination, it is a magical connection with an animal that’s bigger than you,” said Laura Garcia, who leads students at La Donaira.
La Donaira’s CEO added, ““Whatever level you’re at [with your yoga practice], the relation you have when you’re in silence with the horse, when you breathe together and touch the animal… it’s amazing.”
Now there are horse yoga retreats all around the world.

How do you do horse yoga?

As if balancing in yoga wasn’t hard enough, doing it on horseback adds a whole new layer of complexity.
And that’s one of its reported benefits: balancing on a horse can greatly improve your stability.
Most classes tend to follow the Kundalini style of yoga, with meditation.

Why try horseback yoga?

As well as being great for balance, horseback yoga has been shown to help yogis bond with their horse, feel closer to nature, and develop trust within themselves.
One news article quoted Nicola Carley, who teaches horseback yoga for therapy in the UK, saying horseback yoga “'creates a powerful boost to the brain’s activity”. She also said it can help correct “the abnormal movement of the spine.”
Having ridden horses for a long time now, I believe developing trust with your horse is key before doing any downward dogs or sun salutations.
Keen to try horseback yoga for yourself? There are a few retreats popping up around Australia.

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