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What is an Active Retreat?


There are those retreats where it’s all about taking it easy: long, leisurely days with massages, cocktails and lazing in hammocks. Then there are retreats with a focus on fun and fitness – also known as active retreats.

Tempted to try an active retreat? Get the lowdown: 


An active escape


Most active retreats are run by niche travel companies. Their programs combine hard-core training and cardio with plenty of rest and relaxation. 

But the real drawcard of an active retreat is that it takes place in a dream destination – a Green island, beautiful Aussie beach, or perhaps a remote corner of Bali.

It’s a holiday without the dreaded post-holiday weight gain. In fact, you might return home from your holiday the fittest and healthiest you’ve ever been!

What happens on an active retreat?


Active retreats are still a fairly new concept, so they continue to evolve. Each company will devise it’s own unique program, with a range to suit different budgets and travel plans.

Some retreats focus on:


•             Surfing

•             Running and sprints

•             Yoga and pilates

•             Paddle boarding

•             Boot camp-style training outdoors

There is usually a set daily schedule outlining meals, training and downtime. Some will also arrange cooking classes, shopping trips, sightseeing and other optional extras. And most will package it all up with your accommodation (flights are usually excluded) so you pay one fee and get everything you need to train in paradise! 

Some active retreats take place over one weekend, others for a full week, while overseas retreats tend to go for a week or more.


Are active retreats expensive?


Most active retreats cost a few thousand dollars – although the rate depends on the length of the retreat, the destination, and the style of accommodation.

So while they aren’t bargain basement rates, active retreats are in line with the price of most packaged tours and travel itineraries. But the added benefit is that you are investing in your health and wellness!


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