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What is kundalini yoga?

One of the beautiful aspects of yoga is that it’s never boring. There are so many unique approaches, so many beneficial branches on the yoga tree, and you can sample them all until you find a philosophy or sequence that you truly connect with.
Kundalini yoga is one such approach. 

What is the kundalini yoga approach?

Brought to the west in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan, kundalini yoga combines:
  • Asanas
  • Breath work (Pranayama)
  • Hand and finger movement (Mudras)
  • Body locks (Bhandas)
  • Meditation
Together, this sequence (Kriyas) aims to release all the stored immense energy in the base of the spine.
The Kundalini Yoga Institute calls it “the most comprehensive of yoga traditions.” It is sometimes called the Yoga of Awareness, because the sequence moves you to a greater level of self-awareness and consciousness.
Kundalini yoga is viewed as a powerful and fast moving practice. It can be intense, especially when working on the vast creative energy stored within. So you should take care to find a Kundalini yoga practitioner who is experienced and knows how to safely teach it – especially if you are a beginner. If the energy inside is released in the wrong way, or through force, it can spark stress, anxiety, uncertainty, depression and psychotic episodes.

Why try kundalini yoga?

If you practice kundalini yoga regularly, you can enjoy beautiful and bountiful benefits. That could include a more resilient mind and body, less reliance on addictive substances, greater pain relief, deep relaxation and self-awareness, and a reduction in depression with an increase in self-confidence.

Where to try kundalini yoga

Search the directory for a kundalini yoga teacher in your area. It’s a good idea to try other, more general types of yoga first, since kundalini is quite powerful and suited to more experienced yogis. If you’re unsure about your level, speak to your yoga practitioner who can help guide you through  your practice.

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