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What's the Healthiest Breakfast?


What's the Healthiest Breakfast?

Wondering what’s the healthiest breakfast? It can be hard figuring out what is and isn’t healthy. It seems new diets come out daily, making it difficult to sort the wheatgrass from the chia seed pudding.
So we’re dishing up 5 of the best foods you can chow down in the morning – and get your mind and body off to a great start!


If you’re not vegan, eggs are considered an egg-xellent (sorry) breakfast option. They’re
Packed with protein to keep you fuller for longer. And some studies have even found that people who eat eggs in the morning lose twice as much weight as those who get the same number of calories from a bagel!
And if you are vegan? You could replace eggs with scrambled tofu, mushrooms, or avocado on seeded toast.


Another awesome protein source, yoghurt is a versatile food that you can dress up any which way. Add berries, seeds, or protein powder to supercharge your breaky and get a great big dollop of nutrients before your day begins.
Plain Greek yoghurt is best, according to nutritionists. And remember to check the label for any hidden sugars or other unexpected ingredients.


It’s not exactly a sexy start to the day, but porridge is full of fibre – which helps control cholesterol. Oats are also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, potassium and folate. And because oats contain slow-release carbohydrates, porridge will keep your blood sugar nice and constant, while providing you with a hit of energy.

Other complex carbs

Like oats, complex carbohydrates like wholegrain bread, buckwheat, fruits and root veggies slowly release energy. As well as the aforementioned benefits, they are an excellent source of B vitamins and fibre – and they top your live glycogen levels back up after your overnight fast.

Healthy fats

We’ve talked about protein and complex carbs. Now it’s time to add some healthy fats to your breaky. Whether you slice avocado on toast or smear on peanut butter (or another nut butter), or pop some nuts into your porridge, healthy fats are good for your heart, shown to help with weight loss, and are packed with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.

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