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National Federation of Spiritual Healers New Zealand Inc.

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The NFSH is a principle spiritual healing organisation in New Zealand, and one which offers professional training. You are invited to use or enquire about any of the following services: Healer Referral Service. Find a healer for yourself or a friend or family member. Just contact us by email, phone or by post, and we will arrange for a spiritual healer in your local area to contact you. Let us know name, phone number and address (or just town) for yourself (or the person needing healing) to make contact easy, and also a brief description of what you would like the healing for. The healer may charge for the healing session and will discuss this with you beforehand. International Distant Healing Service. Add a name to our Distant Healing List. If you or your family or friends need some healing support, contact us by email, phone or post, providing us with names and locations, and we will add them to our Distant Healing List. This Healing List is sent not only to our own members, but to many other healing groups around the world. You will receive much healing energy over the subsequent 3 months. There is no charge at all for this service. Learn to heal yourself and others. Our Healer Training Courses page gives you full details of how to become a healer. The truth is, you are a healer already, and perhaps all you need is to fine-tune your ability. Part 1 of the course gives you the knowledge and confidence to really make a difference. Become a professional healer. The path to becoming a full healer practitioner is thorough training. Our 4 part NFSH UK Healer Training Course will equip you as a professional spiritual or energy healer. Learn more about spiritual healing. Spiritual healing (or natural energy healing as some call it) is readily available to everyone who discovers how to tune into it. As energy healing, it is a practice related to Reiki (Japan), Qigong (Chi Kung, Chigong) (China), and Chun Do Sun Bup (Korea). Become a Friend of the NFSH and you will enjoy the benefits of membership, as well as friendship and companionship in a spiritual environment. We are totally non-denominational and are open to every race, colour and creed. We are based in Thames (Coromandel) which is just over an hour's drive from Auckland and Hamilton. Courses are held in Thames or in any part of New Zealand, Australia or the Pacific Islands. We will come to where the people are who would like to learn about spiritual healing. Of course minimum numbers apply, so tell us of your interest, and tell your friends! Spiritual healing is a natural therapy which is complementary to and works with all forms of allopathic or conventional medicine. It helps the patient to heal more quickly and to offset any side effects of conventional treatment. Spiritual healing itself has no harmful side effects.
About Us Introduction The NFSH is a national non-denominational healing organisation for spiritual healers in New Zealand, and is a registered charity. The word "Spiritual" in its name refers to the acknowledged Universal/Cosmic Source of the Healing Energies and to that responsive element in Man seen by healers as comprised of body, mind and spirit. Through its Constitution the NFSH is not aligned with spiritualism or any religion, '-ism' or '-ology'. We accept into membership all those, irrespective of personal religious persuasion, who wish to help themselves and their fellow Man through spiritual healing and/or expand their knowledge of this natural complementary Healing Therapy modality. The NFSH is internationally recognised, our training program is comprehensive and internationally recognised, our healers provide a nationwide support network, and all members respect our Code of Conduct. The NFSH is a professional organisation advancing the cause of spiritual healing in the community. In the United Kingdom Spiritual healing is officially listed as a therapy within the National Health Service. Doctors are permitted by the General Medical Council to refer their patients for spiritual healing, healers can work alongside doctors in hospitals and surgeries, and healers may attend hospital patients who request their services. Organisation The NFSH (UK) was originally founded in the UK in 1955. The NFSH in NZ was founded in September 1996 and is a registered charity and Incorporated Society. Our headquarters share premises with the Holistic Healing Centre in Thames. The office is open during normal working hours, and there is a telephone message recording service out of hours. The NFSH is affiliated with the NFSH (UK), HNI (Healer Network International) and The NZ Charter of Health Practitioners Inc. Privacy Policy As a Registered Charity and an Incorporated Society we abide by the NZ Privacy Act. All information received and/or held is totally confidential to the organisation and its officers. We do not share your name or contact details with any other organisations or lists.
What the NFSH (NZ) Inc. does Among its aims and activities, the NFSH exists to
  • Help bring spiritual healing to the public as a mainstream Natural Therapy, complementary to all other medicines and therapies.
  • Gain recognition and acceptance by the Medical Profession and the publicly funded NZ Health Care Services (as occurs in the UK and is being considered in many other countries).
  • Help both healers and patients to move forward positively along their pathways in life.
  • Help further the development of the healer through self-awareness Healing Courses, and so create a professional healing service for the public.
  • Provide a national Healer Referral Service to the public. We maintain a Register of locally available healers at our headquarters. We regularly handle requests for healing by telephone, letter and email from sufferers and friends from around the country. We connect healers with healers, and healers with patients, both nationally and internationally.
  • In general, to give public service, to help all people — wherever and whenever needed.
  • Identify potential healers, encourage them, and accelerate and fine-tune their development as healers.
  • Act as a focal point to which aspiring healers may turn for advice and training. The training courses support the progress of newcomers to healing, as well as expand the knowledge and expertise of established healers.
  • Conduct Distant Healing sessions for patients and other people in need, internationally. Individual NFSH members also offer distant healing in their own time.
Membership If you are considering joining the NFSH, please have a look at the Benefits of Membership page. The Application for Membership Form is also available on that page. Training If you are considering receiving training to become a healer, to expand on the knowledge/training you already have, or to get formal qualifications, please refer to our Training Courses page for a structured unit standard syllabus. Open Healing Mornings To see us in action, you are invited to come along to our Open Healing Mornings which we hold at the Grahamstown Hall, Pollen Street, Thames on the first Saturday of each month from 8.30am until 11.30am as part of the Thames Market. Receive spiritual healing and have a chat to some of the NFSH Members. Healer Networking Another opportunity, if you want to meet some of the members and see us in action, is to attend one of our Healer Networking meetings. Healing Networking Evenings are currently held monthly in East Auckland. Contact us for details of the next one.

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