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New Zealand Holistic Animal Therapists Assn Inc

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Setting the standard for the practice and promotion of natural therapies for animal healthcare.

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Holistic Healing focuses on the balance of mind, body, spirit and the environment Holistic Animal Therapists use a range of natural therapies to assist with animal health care, including herbal medicine, homeopathy, flower essences, massage, physiotherapy, nutrition, Bowen therapy and other supportive modalities. Not just for pets, holistic animal therapies can be applied to all animals, including horses and farm animals. NZHATA is the first and only association in New Zealand established for the purpose of representing and unifying animal therapists
About Us NZHATA was formed in October 1997 to meet an increasing demand for knowledge and education in the field of holistic animal health. NZHATA is a member of Natural Health Practitioners New Zealand
Committee Our Committee consists of highly dedicated Natural Therapists. President: Sarah Mulvaney Secretary: Jan Smith Treasurer: Marilyn Brackley
  • To provide formal recognition of Holistic Animal Therapies
  • To Promote public awareness of Holistic Animal Therapies and Care
  • To advance the knowledge and practice of holistic modalities for all animals, including birds/fish/reptiles.
  • To promote discussion, exchange of information and education of the public and members of the
  • veterinary society in the options of holistic therapies available for animals
  • To encourage research and training in holistic modalities
  • To promote healthy lifestyles for all species, and care of the environment
  • To establish and maintain a code of ethics which professional and student members must abide by.
  • To observe and act if necessary on matters relating to the operation of NZHATA.

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