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Haere Mai and Welcome to the homepage of the New Zealand Association of Breathworkers Inc (NZAB),
a Professional Association registered with the Natural Health Practitioners NZ

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NZAB Breathworkers are trained natural therapies practitioners, holistic health professionals using the breath as a tool for conscious transformation. Breathwork or Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB) offers the opportunity to give support in the following areas:
  • Relationships and family issues
  • Health
  • Prosperity
  • Addictions
  • Past/present traumas
  • Breathing problems
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Low energy
  • Birth trauma
  • Phobias

Services Breathwork Breathwork is a general term for various breathing techniques used to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. NZAB practitioners which include Breathworkers and Rebirthers, teach Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB). Generally, breathing patterns tend to be unconscious and disconnected. CCB, a powerfully transformative tool, supports a client in accessing their essential nature and in developing their true potential. Conscious Connected Breathing supports us to clear unresolved issues, dissolve limiting beliefs and free ourselves from the unhealthy hold that some past events have on our lives. The breath is guided to a natural, relaxed, rhythmic, flowing and open state. The physical process, while simple, may produce powerful physiological, cognitive and emotional responses. The Breath is the major source of energy to the body and eliminates approximately 70% of toxins. Philosophy Breathworkers embrace the premise that thought is creative – that we are 100% responsible for creating results in our lives. Taking responsibility for one’s own happiness is an exciting option. Many find as inner perceptions change, the outer world also changes. Breathwork generally allows an experience of these changes at a gentle pace. Your Breathworker provides a safe, supportive, caring and confidential environment for this process. Summary Breathwork focuses on the client and their breath. The practitioner guides a client through a breathing process which has the potential to rejuvenate the body and mind through the release of suppressed energy. The client has the opportunity to learn experientially, about the unique interaction of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Rebirthing Rebirthing is a Breathwork process of identifying limiting beliefs that are particularly formed before, during and after birth. The aim of Rebirthing is not to change the facts of what happened but to enable the client to view their history and say “ Yes, this did happen but I am no longer a victim of my past”. It’s about self responsibility and empowerment The benefits of Rebirthing are cumulative and best realized by a program of rebirthing sessions with a trained rebirther. Why Rebirthing Rebirthing relates to birth, primarily because the first breath was taken at birth and the way this happened influenced the breathing pattern. Since breath is life and breathing starts at birth, breathing is about our ability to receive life. Birth is our first journey: from the womb out into the world. The way that journey (birth script) unfolds for each of us is unique, sacred and significant. It often becomes a road map in our cellular memory for all subsequent journeys. Bringing the map to consciousness provides an opportunity for changing any dysfunctional beliefs and patterns. Adhering to a birth script may be keeping you stuck in an old pattern. Re-writing your birth script can be both freeing and empowering.
About Us The New Zealand Association of Breathworkers was originally formed in 1989 as a professional organization supporting those practitioners working with the breath as a spiritual and therapeutic tool. The vision also included the desire to evolve a community of those wanting continuing support in their journey toward harmony in their lives…. the Ohana was created and is growing worldwide. The goal of that vision of community is the creation of an environment that by our working, sharing, and learning together, manifests a very supportive atmosphere of acceptance, trust, love, and safety. This invites us into a more a balanced, peaceful and joyful life. We create a space that is both nurturing, yet challenging, where true spiritual growth can happen, a safe space to explore deeper levels of true intimacy in healthy ways. In that place, we are supported to share, without judgement, our thoughts and feelings about our spiritual journeys as we help one another to find and stay on purpose in our lives.

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