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Shiatsu is a powerful, safe and effective natural therapy for preventing disease and supporting the individual’s innate powers of recuperation.

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Shiatsu – What is it? Shi ( finger) atsu ( pressure) is a medically recognised Japanese healing art which is becoming increasingly popular. Based on a full oriental medical system ( the origins of which date back 5,000 years), which explains the human body as an orderly network of energy pathways called meridians, through which flows “Ki”, or life-force. Shiatsu restores the dynamic movements of this Ki within the body, which is the source of health or disease. Although literally translated as finger pressure, this very effective “hands –on” body therapy also involves stretches, articulation, corrective exercises, and controlled yet effortless use of body weight, to apply firm but non-invasive, gentle, natural pressure, using palms, thumbs, fingers elbows, knees and even feet! Developing the art of observation and cultivating an understanding of….
  • oriental diagnosis of the whole body
  • our interaction with the environment
  • nutrition energetics
  • exercise therapy
  • 5 element theory, yin/yang theory etc.
  • feng shui
  • relaxation techniques
…… enables a Shiatsu practitioner to strengthen or tonify areas of weakness, and disperse or sedate areas of tension and congestion. This creates balance, harmony, improved circulation, flexibility and a sense of RELAXATION, WELL-BEING and VITALITY.
About Us The College The Shiatsu College Aotearoa is dedicated to promoting a thorough understanding of Shiatsu concepts, and providing tuition of the highest quality, by experienced and qualified teachers and practitioners. Classes are kept small to encourage a high standard of individual tuition. The Shiatsu College Aotearoa is the oldest established school of Shiatsu in New Zealand. One of the unique advantages the college has to offer is the enormous wealth of knowledge and experience gained from 30 years of teaching and practising Shiatsu, and the compassion and willingness of the teachers to share this knowledge. The college aims to train people to:
  • Make shiatsu available to all as an enjoyable technique to help themselves and others.
  • Become your own health practitioner in your home and your Life!
  • Gain practical skills to maintain health in daily life.
  • Become professionally involved in Shiatsu.
  • Our policy is to make Shiatsu available to the widest possible spectrum of society.
The Shiatsu College offers:
  • Introductory Shiatsu workshops
  • Shiatsu Foundation year
  • Diploma of Shiatsu
  • Short courses throughout the year on related subjects
  • Shiatsu during pregnancy
  • Facial Diagnosis
  • Introduction to Oriental Medicine and Philosophy
  • Nutrition & Macrobiotic Cooking Classes
  • Acupressure point location and function
  • Self-Shiatsu ( Do-In) and relaxation classes
The Shiatsu College Aotearoa Was established in response to many requests for an opportunity to:
  • Provide professional Shiatsu practitioner training up to NZ and International Standards. Our 3 year Diploma of Shiatsu is recognised by the Shiatsu Practitioners Association Aotearoa Inc. and the NZ Charter of Health Practitioners Inc.
  • Encourage self responsibility for ones own Health & Vitality, through observing, understanding and living the harmonious way of nature.
  • Improve the quality of life for all, by providing relevant training, education, sharing of skills, information and ideas, and have fun!
  • Support and encourage the use of these skills to reduce pain and suffering in others and self, and be of benefit to all.
Experience counts - One of the oldest, sophisticated and beneficial complete systems of Health and Fitness.

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