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The New Zealand Feldenkrais Guild Inc

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The Feldenkrais Method® is an educational system that uses movement to teach self awareness and improve function.

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The New Zealand Feldenkrais Guild Inc is the professional organisation concerned with maintaining the quality and integrity of the practice of the Feldenkrais Method® in New Zealand. The Guild acts as the regulatory body for ethics and standards of practice. The Guild is a member of the International Feldenkrais Federation. Feldenkrais practitioners complete an intensive four-year professional training programme. They also have annual accreditation and ongoing professional development requirements. Feldenkrais Method®, Feldenkrais®, Functional Integration®, and Awareness Through Movement® are registered Trade Marks of the New Zealand Feldenkrais Guild Inc. The Guild licenses practitioners to use these trade marks when they have completed an accredited Feldenkrais professional training programme, meet continuing education requirements, and abide by the Guild's Code of Professional Conduct and Standards of Practice. The current office holders are:
  • President David Sullivan
  • Vice President, Governance Alan Cameron
  • Secretary Brenda Stickley
  • Treasurer Lyn Duncan
  • Registrar Nicky Tompkins
  • Membership Support Valerie Wycoff
  • Continuing Education Caryn Truppman
  • Marketing Conrad Edwards
  • Library Marris Weight
  • IFF
  • Delegate David Sullivan
  • AusTAB Delegate Theresa Sawicka
  • Practitioner Profile Updates on Website go to Janine Archer

Membership Categories Practitioner Has completed an accredited training programme and annual professional development requirements. Provisional Practitioner who has not been practicing (and/or fulfilling professional development requirements) for a year or more spends a year as a provisional practitioner when re-entering professional practice. ATM Teacher A student who has been endorsed by a Training Director to teach ATM after a minimum of 2 years. This category is not open to graduates, who must register as full practitioners even if they only teach ATM. Sustaining A past practitioner who is no longer practicing but wishes to support the Guild and/or participate in Guild activities such as advanced trainings. Student Person in a Feldenkrais® Professional Training programme. Service Marks Only Non-Guild practitioners who fulfill professional development requirements and wish to use the service marks.
With greater awareness you can improve your breathing, posture and movement patterns. This can reduce stress and injury, improve performance and help you move with ease, efficiency and grace. The way we move has a profound effect on our quality of life. Feldenkrais® is a method of life-long learning that offers insights into our thoughts and actions, enabling a new level of personal development. The Method is taught in 2 ways:
  • 1. Group Classes: Awareness through Movement®
  • 2. Individual Sessions: Functional Integration®

What is Feldenkrais®? The Feldenkrais Method uses slow and precise movement sequences to engage your brain through your body and nervous system. Through your neuromuscular system it activates more parts of your brain by helping your muscles move outside of their habitual pattern. Feldenkrais movement sequences are all about learning to make movement easier, all the time. They have a practical focus and result in better functioning in everyday activities. Find out more...
Group Classes (Awareness through Movement®) In a group class you are guided through a series of movements that promote a relaxed yet focused state. The movements enable you to understand and modify your habitual movement patterns, which may have developed in response to injury or restricted posture. A non-judgmental atmosphere allows people of all ages and abilities to learn at their own pace. Find out more... (including video)
Individual lessons (Functional Integration®) Your teacher will design each lesson around your particular movement habits and needs at the time. You will sit or lie on a low padded table, comfortably clothed, while the practitioner guides your movements through gentle touch. Lessons are especially good for addressing long-term problems, and for enhancing your learning in group classes. Find out more... (including video)
Who was Moshe Feldenkrais? Dr Moshe Feldenkrais was a physicist and engineer whose interest in improving human development through movement led him to create the Feldenkrais Method over a period of forty years. Find out more...
Join our Library If you would like to borrow a book, a DVD or a set CDs, you simply need to join the Feldenkrais Interest Group (FIG) for an annual fee of $20.
Practitioner Training Feldenkrais practitioners complete a four-year professional training program. They also have annual accreditation and ongoing professional development requirements.

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