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Hibiscus Osteopathy & Natural Therapy

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I specialise as an osteopath & naturopath treating back pain & strain, womens health, fertility for couples. I use Sound Therapy & nutritional biochemistry for Childrens Learning Difficulties, Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia & Sensory Processing Disorder. Allergy testing & nutrition available .

Contact NameIan Whitehouse
AddressRed Beach, Hibiscus Coast
North Island 0932
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Paula & Ian arrived from the UK in 1993. Ian Whitehouse has over 25 years of extensive clinical experience both in New Zealand & the UK with a multidisciplinary background. He has worked in a leading Naturopathic Gynaecology London clinic for 7 years. Paula graduated with a Diploma in Aromatherapy in 1992 in England & uses gentle relaxing massage supported by the therapeutic properties of essential oils.. Treatments are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client, and include:

  • Osteopathy
  • Natural fertility treatment
  • Hypno-fertility
  • Women's Health
  • Integrative Psychology
  • Allergy testing
  • Naturopathy
  • Sound Therapy

OSTEOPATHY Using traditional osteopathic techniques combined with other musculo-skeletal modalities and cranio-sacral methods, I use a multi-disciplinary approach in helping you achieve greater bodily comfort. I treat a wide range of general musculo-skeletal disorders, such as neck, shoulder & lower back pain & strain , either from recent injury or from more chronic conditions such as arthritis and postural habits. Headaches and migraines are very amenable to treatment. Osteopathy is also helpful for many other general health problems, as one of the general principles of osteopathy is based on the fact that "structure governs function", so by correcting the physical problem, especially at the core spinal level, will lead to overall better health & function. Fibromyalgia & other chronic problems can benefit greatly. My treatments are affordable with low ACC surcharges. INTEGRATIVE PSYCHOLOGY (FINDING IT HARD TO COPE: DE-STRESS YOUR LIFE NOW) This is a gentle mind-body approach carried out in such a way that you will feel at ease, be listened to and become empowered to live your life the way you want. It will teach you ways to grow as a person. Our lives are often run on old scripts learnt a long time ago in childhood and no longer suit our present ways of relating. You will be given new tools to find out what these are. In this process of self study your life will open up as you have more choices available to you. Whether you suffer from depression, anxiety or are simply going through a life change or are in a messy relationship, these stresses activate old patterns and insecurities. Once recognised you will find your life taking on new meaning and interpersonal relationships become easier. Unchecked stress often leads to physical sickness. Take charge of your life right now and call for an appointment before it is too late. Treatment fees are tailored to minimise your stress too. Ian is a member of the Osteopathic Society of New Zealand and an ACC Provider. He adopts both a traditional and modern approach to natural healing, using Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Supplements and Vibrational Remedies. With extensive training in Mind - Body medicine, Ian specializes in helping those suffering from emotional and stress related issues as well as having an interest in Women’s Health. Consultations are carried out in an atmosphere of gentle respectfulness, allowing ample time for the client’s needs to be met. Ian Whitehouse has been in continuous practice for over 25 years, both in Europe & New Zealand using a diverse range of skills acquired over many years of ongoing training. Traditional & cranial osteopathic methods are used, fully supported by herbal & nutritional medicines. He specialises in body-mind healing applied in particular to women's health & fertility issues for couples. Treatments are given in a caring atmosphere with affordable charges and low ACC surcharge. AUTISM, ADHD, DYSPRAXIA, LEARNING DIFFICULTIES & SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER: I use an integrated approach to help your child realise his or her full potential, combining sound therapy & nutrition, or using these separately. Take advantage of a sophisticated form of sound therapy to re-train your childs brain & body; with psycho-acoustically modified classical music (delivered via headphones), this is individually tailored & practitioner guided for in-home use. Only 15 minutes twice a day for 5 days a week is all that is needed to improve your child' overall function, social engagement capabilities or learning difficulties, including speech and language. Begin to observe positive changes in play, behaviour & learning at school as the days and weeks roll by. Adults, too, can benefit hugely from this programme. Autism & ADHD can positively benefit from the use of the latest scientific understanding of these disorders. Specific nutritional protocols are able to address the varied biochemical imbalances. Targeting such areas as the brain, food intolerance/allergy, immune function, gut & detoxification normalises your childs function & provides a 'bottom up' approach to complement the brain/mind focus of sound therapy. Make you & your childs life easier by calling me now for more information or book an appointment on-line. ALLERGY AND FOOD INTOLERANCE TESTING I am able to offer you a cost effective & easy way to determine your allergies or food intolerances that may underlie your symptoms. Many of our modern day illness's have these as a significant part of the picture so why suffer when there is a simple solution at hand. Food intolerance or allergy may have any number of causes, from lifestyle, environmental or inherited. One contributing cause may be incorrect weaning of babies. I can offer you advice and guidance & provide treatment for your young child who may be suffering unnecessary discomfort. The earlier you deal with the problem prevents any worsening over time.

  • Child friendly using a painless bioresonance approach.
  • Child behavioural problems, ADHD, learning difficulties.
  • Skin eruptions, Fatigue, unexplained symptoms.
  • Weight loss/gain.
  • Tiredness, drowsiness, feeling continually out of sorts.
  • Stomach bloating, nausea, diarrhoea etc.
  • Aching joints.
  • Miscarriage & infertility.
  • Over 100 food listings plus environmental allergens.
  • Accurate & time tested.
  • Full consultation and nutritional advice as support.
  • Affordable.

FERTILITY and WOMENS HEALTH If you want to become pregnant then you need to create a healthy body & mind as far as this is possible; and this applies also to your partner. Preconception care refers to that period of preparation before actual conception. If you have had problems with conception there may be a simple solution or a specific treatment programme may be needed to bring your hormones & body into sync. I offer treatment for your partner as well as this is important for successful conception & maintaining that state full-term. I fully understand that this is a very emotional time with a lot of things to deal with. I can help you create a harmonious state of body and mind that any child will be pleased to enter.Connecting your body and mind enables you to be more in tune with your goals of pregnancy & giving birth. I treat individuals or couples to assist natural fertility or provide IVF support to increase your success rate, which I believe can be significant. Fully compatible with the standard drug/hormone protocols. With 7 years experience in one of London's leading naturopathic gynaecology clinics I also treat other areas of women's health from teenage years to adulthood and menopause. Some of the health issues that I am happy to help you with include: Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (both of which may contribute to infertility), Irregular periods, Premenstrual symptoms, Fibroids, Menopausal symptoms & more.


Ian Diploma in Osteopathy (UK) Diploma in TCM (Herbalism) (UK) Diploma in Polarity Therapy (UK) Member of the Osteopathic Society of NZ Member of the NZ Institute of Acupuncture Member of the NZ Charter of Health Practitioners Member of the NZ Natural Medicine Association

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