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At OMNIS CURA from the subtle energy healing to massage each person is treated individually to allow the client to heal more effectively. Omnis Cura opened in 1996 and has been successfully helping people to regain their quality of life.

Contact NameMaree Strange
Address85 Brooks View Heights
South Island 7173
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OMNIS CURA - Latin for Total Care

OMNIS CURA has been operating since 1996 under the care of Maree. Her understanding has always been that if you listen well to your client this will allow the treatment to unfold allowing the client to heal most effectively. This can be incorporated into any of the complementary therapy modalities from the subtle work of energy healing to massage.


Esoteric Healing - Soul-fusion Esoteric Healing - Soul-fusion. Esoteric means that what is "hidden" or "further within". Soul-fusion is working with an individual with right relationship of will, love and intuition from the Source. Disease is inhibited Soul life so giving conscious attention to Soul allows the life force to flow through any particular state. The personality is therefore examined with the intention to give light to its vices so the Soul can express itself effectively and externalisation of life can potentially change.

“Let me introduce you the biofield viewer, person in healing and myself attuning to being of service to the process.

The biofield viewer is measuring the photons (light) emanating which means a healing process can now be seen.

To have science at a level to capture an element of what healers can see, hear, touch, smell, taste or mind; beyond the six senses is wonderful. I have chosen not to shorten the video as it shows the beautiful of dance of energy within a healing and with patience when the field is "ripe" which is the 2.40 min mark in this healing the white fire magic takes place.

It is real this subtle world and healing is an essential tool to keep expanding consciousness beyond what the world within each of us and around is showing. Better relationships, better connection with resources, better health, better thoughts, better feelings, better life goals, a more easeful and natural life; the list goes on.

Thanks to years of curiosity, training and really good teachers I am really excited to show evidence of how healing happens.

I can assist in healing sessions in the same room and it can also happen remotely as energy is beyond time and space.

The biofield viewer is a great tool to take before and after images of healing.

The biofield viewer can be done as a standalone session of looking at the light levels, symmetry etc. to give evidence to how you are for strengths and recognise that which is not of service to the self.”

Other Youtube links for evidence of aura (biofield, electromagnetic field)


Learning to meditate is definitely one of the best life gifts you could ever give yourself.

The search for the self is ever based on an upward and inward motion. Learning to meditate in this way is great tool for gradual infusion of the soul into the personality so the outward expression becomes a synergy of soul and personality; we start to evolve…… To teach our mind about the gateway and then to let go.  Building the bridge or anthakarana to the soul while rendering our personality to learn and blend with something much more than itself is pure harmony, sometimes a little hard work but the outcome is definitely the ah ha factor. We will learn tools and discuss in depth the personality and soul to gain an understanding of them so they may meet and recognize each other in their duality and work together in unity. This learning enables the beginners or the advanced to see themselves at new levels to learn new mysteries to continue their evolution within the universe.

Please phone Maree 027 270 4772 to enquire about training dates or regular meditations.

My foundations come from training in the arts of Natural Healing, Esoteric Psychology training with Phillip Lindsey and William Meader from the Alice Bailey model, group meditations with different groups over since 1996.

Meditations are also conducted over zoom. Meditation is approx. 45mins. $7 per session. 

Please phone or txt Maree 027 270 4772 for dates and zoom meeting connection.


Aromatherapy- The essential oils and carriers are expertly brought together to create a synergy for healing or beauty.  For healing they can assist in any area from skin, to internal and the emotional body.  Both the oils and carriers have nutrients to feed the skin so are amazing for beauty care.  All blends are created especially for you.


Bowen Therapy - Fascial Kinetics Bowen Therapy - Fascial Kinetics works with the fascia (connective tissue) in the body. Massage is applied transversely across the tissue to "stir up" the gel like consistency of the connective tissue to help it become more fluid and to open muscle fibre to allow for increased hydration . The nutrients and cellular wastes can conduct their exchanges more effectively resulting in better health of the affected area.

Massage is to manipulate soft tissue of the body through the form of stroke, rubbing, kneading or tapping to increase circulation, to improve muscle tone and to relax the client. Techniques are applied with the needs of each individual client from superficial lymphatic to deep sports massage.

Remedial Massage Remedial Massage is for injuries, repetative overwork, chronic pain and postural correction.This massage technique can be superficial or deep depending on the nature of pain experienced. Chinese cupping is used at times on affected areas to improve circulation. Aromatherapy is used in conjunction with the massage to give maximum benefits in the treatment.

Sports Massage Sports Massage is for deep tissue injuries,intensity preparation before an event and removal of waste build up after an event. This method is much deeper and a more invigorating technique. Chinese cupping is used at times on affected areas to improve circulation. Aromatherapy is used in conjunction with the massage to give maximum benefits in the treatment.

Relaxation and Stress Massage Relaxation and Stress Massage is for the relief of muscular tension from our busy lives whether it is from mental, emotional, overuse of muscle groups or general misuse of our bodies. This massage is to bring about a state of welbeing and can be used as a maintenance plan. Chinese cupping is used at times on affected areas to improve circulation. Aromatherapy is used in conjunction with the massage to give maximum benefits in the treatment.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Lymphatic Drainage massage uses very light pressure with correct rhythm and speed to clear congestion of inflammatory chemicals and other waste product towards the lymph ducts to return to the bloodstream which the body can then remove waste by our daily functions. This treatment is perfect after surgery or any time where remedial massage is contraindicated. Aromatherapy is used in conjunction with the massage to give maximum benefits in the treatment.

Pregnancy Massage Pregnancy Massage is for "mums to be". As ligaments, tendons and muscles are stretched over the 40 weeks gentle massage techniques are applied to help remove the "ache" in the soft tissue. Safe Aromatherapy oils are used for preganancy. This massage is safe from conception to birth.

Aromatherapy Aromatherapy is where blends are expertly mixed together to compliment the massage needs. Blends are also made for conditions such as excema, psoriasis, asthma and anxiety.

Yoga All

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is yogic sleep that is within the delta wavelengths, the state between wakefulness and sleep induced by guided meditation.This yogic sleep was mentioned in the Upanishads and Mahabharat and first modernised by Satyananda who expained Yoga Nidra opens deep states of the mind as consciousness is rotated within each of the body parts in meditation.While in Shavasana this practice includes 8 stages: internalisation (pratyahara - withdrawl of the 5 senses). sankalpa (resolve), rotation consciousness, breath awareness, manifestation of oposites, creative visualisation and externalisation.A place of peace beyond words to bring goodness to the nervous system, mind and body systems.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a practice of asanas that are held for a longer period than conventional yoga using bolsters, blocks and blankets to bring a very deep state of release. Classes are generally small so each person is nurtured to ensure full support and surrender to the asana.It has been known to

  • Deeply relax muscle tension
  • Increase flexibility and lenghten muscle
  • Increase range of movement
  • Give rest to mind chatter
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Connect to self Love and compassion to other people
  • Bring attention to breath awareness for deep healing
  • Heal from stress related conditions
  • Create community of like minded people.

As there is no strain or pain the whole body and energy field can go into a very high state of passive healing.  Nurture the self and leave feeling like you are walking on cloud nine.


"It has been my pleasure to be a client of Maree's since 1998. I came to Maree by a recommendation of a work college and I have remained a client because Maree is an exceptional person. Professional, effective, knowledgeable and caring. My initial concern of OOS has been managed effectively and my regular massages help keep other sport and age related issues under control. Maree has an amazing knowlege of the body and its working. I would not hesitate to recommend Maree especially for those issues that you can't quite get an answer from other health practitioners". Margaret Pepper

"Always the comment "you are lucky", when I tell friends I am off for a massage. But it is not luck. I choose to value myself. Body work connects the dots of my physical self with my mind. It keeps me positive & in health. And I alway leave the clinic with a smile". Heather Lennox "During a time of huge stress in my life, Maree worked with me. Energy healing was really great and certainly taught me the valuable techniques needed to relax, rejuvinate and retore positive patterns back into my life and return to good health. I can highly recommend this therapy" Lynn Hawley Meditation

"Maree. thank you for taking me to a whole other level of understanding of myself and my spiritual, mental and emotional growth. I feel very excited about what I've learnt and the level of groundedness and connection I'm experiencing as a result of this meditaiton. I feel a much deeper and clearer connection to "source" and understanding of this connection. the greater plan etc". Karen Ross

"Thanks for teaching a new meditaion for me and the origin. The mantras, invocations were a new thing and I love it! A great way to anchor the intent of one's meditation". Chris

"The whole concept of meditaion has chrystalised. Previously it was a struggle to focus on a blank space without the "cluttering" effect. Now I have strategies to deal with that". Sean McBride

"I have been a client of Maree's since 1997. I initially went because of a dislocated shoulder which developed arthritis. The relief I got enabled me to do my sporting activities of golf and jet biking without pain and increased freedom of movement. I continue to go because it is great for my wellbeing and it is like a tune-up, it is great to get out of bed without a seized up body. Maree's knowledge of the body combined with her varied treatment techniques has saved me a lot of money in the long run with unnecessary treatments". Allan Kemp

"I am 19 and have been coming to see Maree since 2009 for Bowen Therapy to help me with my arthritis ankylosing spondylitis. Maree always has my room nice and warm for me. I came on a regular bases until my condition and pain was more manageable and I now come once a month. My pain is better after my treatment and I always have more movement. Maree is always friendly and welcoming". Janelle Johns

"I have been coming to see maree since 2010 and found her to be very knowledgeable on massage and the body in general. I have had a total knee replacement and would recommend Maree to anyone with muscle or joint problems". Warren Newcombe



  • Chartered Natural Therapies Practitioner
  • Diploma in Remedial Massage - 2500 hours
  • Level 5 nursing
  • Diploma in Aromatherapy - 2500 hours
  • Diploma in Natural Healing Sciences - 2500 hours
  • Certificate in Bowen Therapy - Fascial KInetics 
  • Esoteric Studies
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Restorative Yoga

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