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Visit This Unique Studio Location For Improved Health And Wellbeing OR Join a Yoga Retreat

Contact NamePene Speechlay
Address43 Bayliss Road
Te Puke
North Island 3183
Phone07 573 4376
Mobile027 629 3181
Fax07 573 9561
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Health • Fitness • Strength • Balance • Wellbeing

The Yoga Room is: Too feel good, love your body, work hard, enjoy yourself, laugh a little, be motivated, encouraged and cared for, enjoy time for yourself. The Yoga Room is a piece of paradise in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, NZ, classes are relaxed and restful, they are also challenging and motivating. Exercise without judgment, but results driven. Form friendships and develop individuality. Gain strength mentally and physically. Be nurtured.

Yoga & Pilates

Yoga and Pilates although quite different disciplines with different breathing patterns in many ways work well together, that is why I like to teach some of my classes combining both. Pilates and Yoga will teach you to breath, stretch and let go. I love to see the progress my clients make after only a few sessions. The gentle but challenging nature of both make every day of teaching different and a pleasure. Come and enjoy the tranquil environment of The Yoga Room. Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga is an ancient yoga practice which endeavors to help the practitioner connect the body, mind and soul. The word "Hatha" comes from two Sanskrit words, an ancient Indian language, Ha meaning sun and tha meaning moon. The practice of Hatha Yoga creates a balance to your physical body and has a soothing and calming effect on the bodies nervous system. Yoga is a huge subject and in reality at The Yoga Room we only practice a small portion of Yoga, primarily Asana or Poses. Yoga has a wonderful philosophy of kindness and humility both to others and ourselves, it has far reaching potential which would require many more pages to write so simply in brief I urge you to try this ancient practice with an open mind and accept with an open heart the possibilities it may bring. In a typical class you can expect a warm up or flexibilities to loosen up and prepare the body for moving into a stronger yoga practice, which may include seated, standing or inverted poses, I teach balancing poses and back and forward bending poses, incorporating basic Pranayama (breathing techniques) and most definitely relaxation. Classes are suitable for the general public and accommodate all age groups. Special requirements for your specific needs can be accommodated by simply speaking to me about your needs. Pilates The best explanation for Pilates is not words but the experience. What should you expect from your Pilates class? Firstly you will learn an ordered series of exercises that work the entire body with the primary focus being your deepest abdominal muscles described as the core. The style of Pilates you will find at The Yoga Room is the Classical Mat Workout. You will experience a flowing workout which requires breath awareness, concentration, control and precision. This is the foundation for all the exercises, creating a stronger more flexible and leaner body. Pilates is highly recommended for the prevention and relief of back pain. Pilates will improve your posture and create a body awareness to maintain health and well-being far beyond the mat. Undoubtedly there is a lot to learn in Pilates but with a little perseverance you will gradually learn the movements, understand your body better, discover deeper breathing and become familiar with your strengths and weaknesses but overall feel great. YOGA RETREAT For more information go to the web site: BE PART OF A TROPICAL YOGA GETAWAY or locations closer to home such as Waihi Beach and Motiti Island. Week long or weekends available, create your own group of friends for a personalised retreat.


Enquire about upcoming Term Dates 10 week terms 1 class per week - $150 2 classes per week - $300 Casual rate - $20 per class (only when space is available) Maximum class size is 9 people so lots of one on one attention given. All classes stop during the school holidays. Private Lessons: Please call or email for any personal training options.

Personal Training

Personal Training opens many opportunities for a variety of training options and a multitude of combinations so depending on what you are wanting your workout can be tailored specifically to your needs. Being a Personal Trainer is an incredibly rewarding job, I always find it a privilege to help people reach their potential. It is awesome to see the improvement people make physically and in turn see the joy it brings from the achievement of that hard work and the satisfaction on the face of those when they realise they have done it. That's instant motivation. Boxing Fitness Fast track your fitness program with a high intensity, time efficient workout or add on to your current exercise regime. Boxing Fitness is a 30 minute workout using a punch bag and boxing mits. Its a hard but fun workout, great for stress relief and sure to up your fitness level, burn fat and create all over tone. Changes in your workout routine keep your metabolisim up and your results positive, don't let boredom defeat you make a change today, give boxing a go. Boxing works well combined with Pump or Pilates. This gives you Cardio and Strength Training. Pump/ Weight Training Develop muscle tone with a pump session or a more specific weight training program. Weight training improves bone density and is great for all ages. Women won't grow big masculine muscles with weight training but you will develop strength and muscle tone. Circuit training makes for a high intensity cardio workout combined weight training using lighter weights and higher reps and cardio exercises. Circuit Training gives lots of variety using different pieces of equipment which can include cycling, step, skipping, swissball exercises, bosu for balance and core work, boxing and much more. Circuits are varied and can be designed specifically for the clients needs so some or all of the above equipment may or may not be used. Circuit training is for fat burning, muscular strength and conditioning, its fun, fast and effective and improves endurance. Train hard great results. Pump classes incorporate a light weight bar and weights in a seamless continuation of weight training exercises to music with very little break between sets and reps. Dumbells are also used in these classes and again the weights are lighter performing high reps developing overall tone and fat burning can be achieved. These are intense workouts but with the music pumping your 60 minute session will fly by.

Personal Training Sessions

One on One 1 Sessions - $75 10 Sessions - $700 2 People 5 Sessions - $175 per person 10 Sessions -$350 per person 3 People 10 Sessions - $300 per person Boxing Fitness (10 x 30 min sessions) 1 Person - $350 $35 per session 2 People - $340 $17 per session per person All rates are payable in advance, terms for paying off your fees over 5 weeks is available please let me know if this would be an option for you. A cancellation fee will apply with less than 24 hrs notice of cancellation.

Give me a call today let me help you reach your potential. Find out how pilates or personal training can benefit you.

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